How to Optimize Products in Shopify Store to be SEO Friendly?

Optimize Products in Shopify Store to be SEO Friendly

Today, I have written this article to show Shopify owners how to insert Meta title and description tags on their Shopify store. So, if you are on your Shopify store, then the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that the title is handwritten that contains the description of what you are selling. Reason that you need a and-written title of what you are selling is because what time it is auto suppliers for have a computer description, what they are selling and so is best you have hand-written description because that is why the end-user is most likely to put in.

For example, if you have a supplier and they have forever SKU or a UPC number that is women’s clothing #7 Pink Shirt. Obviously, there is not a lot of identifiers that an end user would search so the proper format to set-up that type of product is to give it a unique & descriptive name.

 Optimize Products in Shopify Store to be SEO Friendly

I get you been more descriptive and say Burberry the shirt you know the exact shirt model so let’s say Burberry Low Cut Night Shirt. Say that the low cut night shirt is the model and Burberry is the brand name.

 Optimize Products in Shopify Store to be SEO Friendly

Other than this, in the search engine section, add descriptive page title that contains the name of the product just same the product name we have given above. After this add a full description of that product in the Meta description section. Once, don with this, at last add the URL handle that you want to provide to that particular product. For an example, you can take – women-s-clothing-7-pink-shirt-burberry-low-cut-night-shirt.

This is just a quick way for you to be more descriptive with the search engines. So make sure that you replicate the keyword entitlement you want to go for both in your title description and also in the search engine section in your Page title, Meta description and your URL work handle. Make sure to click “Save” and you are all set. You don’t want to set all your products in this manner. If you have any questions, just go ahead and contact us.

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