Is Shopify good for developing online store? Pros and Cons

Is Shopify good for developing online store? Pros and Cons
Selecting the right ecommerce platform is one of the important decisions for starting an online shopping store. The right ecommerce platform should match the present and future needs of your online shopping store. You should consider  all the pros and cons of an ecommerce platform and compare it to your online shopping store requirements. Is Shopify is good for developing online store? Let's talk about its Pros and Cons. Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify

Shopify- online shopping store

Shopify ecommerce platform captures most of small online ecommerce owner’s attention. It provides an easy to use ecommerce platform with user friendly setup.

Pros of using Shopify’s ecommerce platform for developing your online shopping store

HOSTED: Shopify’s ecommerce platform allows extremely easy solution for hosting an online shopping store. An entrant in ecommerce can start working with shopify’s ecommerce platform within minutes. Shopify’s ecommerce platform integrates self hosting solutions with their technicalities like Magento, WooCommerce, Zen Cart, osCommerce and others. Ease of Use: Shopify’s ecommerce platform doesn’t need you to understand all the technical details of running an online shopping store. It provides user-friendly functions which are easy for beginners to understand. Quick customization of your online shopping store saves your time. You can utilize this time  to concentrate on your online store. 24×7 online support: Shopify’s ecommerce platform offers quick customer services at all times. This allows you to clear your queries and get appropriate expert advice in case of a problem quickly. Hence, your online shopping store is always working without errors. Shopify Store Free Demo Marketing support: You can create landing pages in a click, customize your Search Engine Optimization and increase your web traffic by blogging.

Cons of Using Shopify’s ecommerce platform

Expensive: The basic Shopify’s unlimited platform is priced above $179 per month which is not a feasible amount for a start-up. Transaction Charges: Other than pricing for platform base, shopify adds transactional charge of 2 percent for every basic plan online shopping store and 1 percent for professional customer. It inflates the cost of functioning marginally high making it difficult for small online shopping stores to manage. Customizing is hectic: Shopify’s ecommerce platform is predominated by in-build features which make it difficult for the user to add personalized extensions and plugins. Problematic relocation: Once you cancel your shopify account, all the data about your online shopping store is deleted permanently. This is a big issue hampering mobility of online shopping store. [themecolor]Cost of starting:[/themecolor]  $29/month [themecolor]Major Users:[/themecolor] HardGraft, SMS Audio [themecolor]User’s preference:[/themecolor] Small businesses which are ready to pay the price for a simple user-friendly platform with built in features. Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify
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