Shopify vs Squarespace ecommerce platform developer

Shopify vs Squarespace ecommerce platform developer
Squarespace ecommerce platform and Shopify’s online shopping store developer look alike but their functions, features and utilities vary for online shopping stores. Squarespace is best used for developing content based website which provide marketing benefits. Shopify’s ecommerce platform on the other hand is customized for creating online shopping stores. Squarespace added features for creating online shopping store along with content marketing which qualifies it as ecommerce platform developing software. Both Shopify’s ecommerce platform and Squarespace ecommerce platform qualify for creating user-friendly online shopping store. Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify

Shopify or Squarespace ecommerce platform developer for creating online shopping store is best suited for YOU?

You must answer some basic questions to determine your needs for creating a web portal in order to define which ecommerce platform developer is perfect for your need.

Online Shopping store or Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce website refers to an online portal where information exchange gains priority over sales. An ecommerce website includes blogs, magazine, regular updates, photographs, portfolio, etc. Therefore, marketing and face value of a business online refers to creation of an ecommerce website. Whereas online shopping store simply refers to a web portal where you display your products for sale. Shopify ecommerce platform developer is best suited for your online shopping store whereas Squarespace ecommerce platform developer gains preference while creating a website with online shopping store.

Pricing Comparison of Squarespace and Shopify ecommerce platform developer

Shopify ecommerce platform developer Charges per Month

  • Beginner’s deal – $14
  • Basic Pack – $29
  • Professional Plan – $79
  • Unlimited Package – $179

Squarespace ecommerce platform developer monthly pricing plan

  • Basic Pack – $10
  • Professional Plan – $20
  • Unlimited Package – $30
Shopify ecommerce platform developer’s plan are quite reasonable as starter’s pack offers 100 product sales whereas in Squarespace all the packages allow 1 to 20 product sales. Shopify does not permit any customization in the beginner’s plan and slight customization in the others. Squarespace provides fully customizable ecommerce website. Transaction charges of Shopify are lower than Squarespace. Shopify charges 2 percent in beginners and 1 percent in professional. Squarespace charges 2.9 percent flat on purchase price with 0.3 percent as transaction fee.


Pick Shopify over Squarespace if you are selling large number of products. Go for Squarespace if you want to create a brand and share information.

Payment Options consideration of ecommerce platform developer

Squarespace ecommerce platform developer offers exclusive service for sales in US, UK, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and Netherland. The ecommerce platform developer doesn’t provide any payment options for other countries. Shopify ecommerce platform developer works with all the countries all over the world allowing live exchange of payments with in-build currency calculator. Shopify fully integrates with PayPal unlike Squarespace. Online Shopping Store Features When it comes to selling products, additional features like abandoned cart recovery, discount codes, promotional offers are integrated in your store with Shopify’s ecommerce platform developer. Though, Squarespace ecommerce platform developer doesn’t offer online shopping store additional features, it provides wide database for online marketing and content development.

Ease of Use: Which one is more user friendly?

Squarespace wins the deal when it comes to quick navigation, editions, customization, and other user-friendly features. Where Shopify eCommerce platform developer requires proper coding for every small change, the same in Squarespace eCommerce platform developer can be done by dragging or clicking a button.

Pre-Installed Templates

ecommerce platform developerShopify eCommerce platform developer provides limited edition of templates with fairly simple designs for free. It urges you to purchase other templates but doesn’t allow customization on any without complex coding.

ecommerce platform developer

Squarespace ecommerce platform developer on the other hand provides well designed and attractive templates. Their creation are rating among the highest after competing with other major platforms including Magento, Volusion and Bigcommerce.

Browser Compatibility of webstores and websites developed on Squarespace and Shopify

Shopify ecommerce platform developer wins over Squarespace as it works well all browsers. Squarespace fails to load on internet explorer’s any version below 9. Therefore, while creating your webstore you might want to consider your audience and the browsers they use if you wish to use Squarespace else Shopify works well.

Customer Support and HTML/CSS editions

Shopify offers 24 ×7 online customer help with phone support. It allows you take over full control over your website with access to HTML and CSS edits. Squarespace allows you to edit anything you want with live support executive and email requests. It doesn’t provide phone call support.


Squarespace and Shopify ecommerce platform developer come from a different history of development. One offers customization and information exchange while the other is a leader in webstore development. You can use either depending upon your Requirements and your targeted audience’s Needs. Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify
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