The Top 5 Articles on the Shopify in 2015

The Top 5 Articles on the Shopify in 2015

We wrote a lot of articles in 2015. So many in fact that newcomers to the blog might not even know where to begin! So to help them get up to speed (and give experienced business owners a quick refresher) I pulled some reports, pored through the numbers, and put together this list of 2015's most popular articles.

Below, you will get great places to find stock photos, comprehensive tutorials on sourcing products from overseas, and even full walkthroughs on building a successful online business. Everything you need to start 2016 with a bang.

Let's make like Drake by starting from the bottom:-

5) Facebook & Shopify Team Introduces “Buy” Call-To-Action Button

The blog tells you about the “Buy” call-to-action button that was introduced by Shopify team & Facebook. The feature helps consumers purchase products they discover in their News Feed or on Pages without having to leave Facebook. This makes buying simpler, especially on mobile.

 Facebook and Shopify team introduces buy call to action button

4) How To Develop A SEO Friendly Store With Shopify Development?

If you are looking for an excellent medium to start an online store, then you can make a great solution for shopping cart using Shopify web design technology. In order to make an outstanding website using the technology of Shopify, you need the service of an excellent Shopify developer with exceptional knowledge and technical skills in this arena.

 Develop A SEO Friendly Store With Shopify Development

3) How These 4 Shopify Retailers Use Overlays To Drive Traffic & Sales?

I spend a lot of time researching how brands make use of promotions to drive sales. Recently took a look at these 4 Shopify retailers to see how they use marketing overlays to generate sales and leads from regular traffic. These are easy strategies that any retailer can implement these days.

2) Shopify & Buyable Pins on Pinterest let you Sell Products

Shopify & Buyable Pins on Pinterest let you Sell Products. For businesses it is simple to sell their services and products with this association. This new kind of Pin — announced— comprises a “Buy it” button that helps customers to checkout and pay for products they discover on Pinterest utilizing Apple Pay or their credit card.

Shopify & Buyable Pins On Pinterest Let You Sell Products

1) Top Reasons to Opt Shopify Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is one such e-commerce solution that enables simple setting up of the store; the platform is so flexible that you begin small and expand as and when it is essential with just a few clicks of the mouse! Shopify is a fully-hosted solution, which means that you save costs on spending extra on your own web hosting without concerns on platform software updates too.

 Top Reasons To Opt Shopify Ecommerce Platform

These are the top 5 articles on Shopify you read in 2015. But, we cannot stop here. Yes, you will get a lot of interesting and informative Shopify articles in 2016 too that will truly help you enhance your business and makes it run smoothly.

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