99my city

About 99MyCity

99MyCity is a GPS/GIS enabled Mobile Application that helps citizens to make their city clean and healthy. With this app, one can click the picture of dirty areas in the city and the image will be automatically uploaded to 99MyCity website. The dirty areas will be available as the blue dot on the map of the city. After this, IMC will clean the area and click the clean picture of the particular reported areas and uploaded in the app. Once, the clean image was uploaded & verified; the blue dots will be converted into pink dots. This will help in cleaning the city.

But this is not the end, the server of 99MyCity will reset every day at 12 o’ clock in the night, and the pink dots will again change into blue dots. With this, the cleaning will be done regularly by IMC, and we can easily maintain the cleanliness of our city. Not just in cleaning, this app would also help civic officials in keeping a track of the attendance of sanitary workers and route through which garbage is transported and the amount of waste transported to the trenching ground.


  • An app that helps in clicking picture and uploads it directly to the website
  • Keep all images stored in database
  • Stores the details of IMC employees
  • Locate the areas and show the areas in map
  • Keeps both dirty and clean image of the reported areas
  • Proper synchronization of the app with the website of 99MyCity


Unique Features of 99MyCity

  • 1) User registration and login feature for new as well as existing users of this application

  • 2) The dashboard of the app that helps users to view the main features of the application.

  • 3) A complete menu of the functionalities of this application.

  • 4) This is the Map of the city; the red sign indicates the place or area that are dirty.

  • 5) To upload the picture of any dirty area, use “Add Dirty” Option.

  • 6) You can right away take the picture of the area using your mobile camera and upload it into the application

  • 7) Lastly, when the area is cleaned by IMC, you can upload its clean image in the app.

  • 8) Here you can see the before (dirty) and after the (clean) image of the same area.

  • 9) When the area got cleaned, and you have added the clean picture of the area, in the map, the red sign of that area turn into green. Green Sign shows the clean areas of the city.



Our Process Of Working

Phase1 Requirement of Waste Management


Firstly, we get a requirement to create an application or a system that will help in waste management. A kind of application or system that help citizens as well as IMC in maintaining cleanliness in the city. With this requirement in mind, we decided to create a mobile application that will help in cleaning city as well as maintain the hygienic environment.

Planning Phase2

Our planning phase involves creating a set of plans to help guide our team through the execution and closure phases of the project. It is to identify and document scope, business requirements, tasks, schedules, costs, risk, quality, and staffing needs. This phase includes all the activities necessary for the project and the successful implementation of the app.


Phase3 Analysis


For analysis, we have gathered a lot of business requirements. Learn about app and process requirements and how to effectively determine and prioritize the given needs. Our analysis phase mainly includes process modeling, data modeling, and conceptual systems design.


The first phase of the design of a project where our designers prepare schematic diagrams giving a general view of the components and the scale of the project after detailed discussion. As per the requirement, we have design 3-4 designs and also design logo for the application. Once, the designing part is finalized, we have started the development part.


Phase5 Development


This is the most important part of executing the project. After all the essential steps and final designs in hand, our expert mobile developers will start the development part and implement all the required features and finally created an unbelievable app that not only just an Android app, the app will help a lot of people to clean the city.

Results/Benefits/Success Story

  • The campaign is now supported by more than 24,000 people.
  • 10,000+ people downloaded and already using this application.
  • Many people join this campaign and clean the dirty reported areas by their own.
  • Many newspapers, radios have supported 99MyCity by advertising it.