eCommerce Marketing

You have Launched your store and looking for to get quick traffic and Sales on your Store.

Follow few of the below quick Strategy to Start Sales on your store :

1) Facebook Marketing - everything from crafting strategic status updates to creating a compelling Facebook page for your store. Start sharing your store with your friends and there group. Start giving them discounts and offers for sharing your products on there store. Check Social Sharing Booster App for this.

2) Instagram Marketing -  Instagram is quickly becoming one of the best platforms for online store owners to build an audience with. Discover how to post photos that drive engagement, run contests and more. Start Linking your Instagram account with your store. You can show the instagram feed on your store and create Shoppable Instagram Feed. Recommended app for Shoppable Instagram.

3) Get Search Engine Optimize - Make sure all your products and pages are properly setup with title and description on it. Images should be setup properly with Alt tag and upload optimized size images on your store.

4) Setup and Monitor Google Analytics - Make sure your store is properly linked with google analytics and start monitoring the behavior of your traffic and on which page they are dropping. Start optimizing the content of the pages accordingly.

5) Product Reviews -  This is the online guerrilla marketing method of PR. There is a unique benefit of getting product reviews from other websites that helps increase brand credibility and trustworthiness in addition to word-of-mouth marketing. Start using advance Review apps which send automatic emails to customers and get reviews from emails only. Customers donot need to come back to website and review the products. They can simply reply the email they receive and review will be linked to the products. It will be beneficial for SEO also and google start boosting the rankings of this products. Check Advance Review APP here.

6) Build Your Email List - There's no question how important email marketing is when it comes to adding to your bottom line, in fact, research shows that for every dollar spent on email marketing, companies made on average $40 back.