About GoKickSales

GoKickSales is an advance online CRM software. Its mission is to empower organizations to gain and retain customers by providing greater efficiency and control over the sales pipeline. As an open-platform web-based CRM solution, GoKickSales is easy to customize to meet an organization’s changing needs.

It is affordable, easy-to-use and offers a competitive advantage by providing organizations with a 360-degree view of their customers. Businesses in all vertical markets ranging in size from the SMB through the enterprise leverage the power of GoKickSales every day.

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Custom Reporting

  • Sales Funnel

  • ROI by Campaign & Source

  • Team Productivity

  • User Working on Leads

  • Overdue Tasks by User

  • Individual User Productivity

Exceptional Features of GoKickSales

Track the Real time location of particular sales person

As an employer, one can track the real-time location of their sales person with the help of mobile CRM application. Wherever the sales rep goes, the place is indicated on the map. So, the employer can get easily watch how many places his sales representative visited in a day. In addition, one can also view the history of location of sales person.

Track Real Time Location of All Sales Person in Single View

With GoKickSales, you not only able to view the real time location of a particular sales person but you can view the location of all your sales persons in a single map.

Get All Users Distance Travelled Report:

With GoKickSales, one can easily get the distance travel report of all users. These reports show how much distance the sales person travelled in a day. This feature also assist managers in calculating travelling expenses for sales person as it calculates both speed and distance.

Lead with the location:

In addition to this, if a sales person get the lead at any location then he/she create a lead at that time either offline or online with the help of GPS location tracker. After that the application will attach the specific location with the lead.

Use App in Offline Mode:

With the help of this function, one can create a lead even if they do not have internet access. After that when they come in internet zone, they just have to click a synchronize button to save the lead in CRM server. Additionally, there is also auto synchronization feature available that can frequently check the mobile application and when it get some new data it can save the data in server as soon as internet access is available.

Our Process of Working

Phase: 1

Implementation strategies in alliance with business objectives

Before starting the implementation process, we have started with the business requirements. We search a lot and get the problems faced by business owners in maintain relationship with clients. After the problems, we decided to make a customer relationship sales software that not only help in customer relationship, but also helps business owners in management of business and keeping bird’s eye on the activities of their employees.

Phase: 2

Identifying the business difficulty and establish proper metrics

We identify the problems first and then should work on its weak points. We are clear with the points which need more focus and attention. The correct attention to the right problem can give the desired benefits and the business can then expect returns at every stage. Moreover, we broke the entire process into smaller pieces to be individually handled effectively. We have standards or performance metrics to make sure that it measures the return on investment satisfactorily.

Phase: 3

Using our skilled workforce to adopt implementation changes

Our employees are reluctant to adapt to change. We give them proper training and knowledge about CRM and how it is associated with better customer experience management boosting company profits. Our Skilled workforce adopt the technology and knowledge at a faster rate and will be able to do justice for a successful CRM implementation. Hence, our intellectually and technologically sound employees will be able to carry out a successful CRM implementation.

Results/Outcomes Customer get after implementing our ERP software

  • Improved contact management by as much as 94%
  • Increased lead nurturing by 67%
  • Enhanced customer services and satisfaction
  • Boost email marketing by as much as 58%
  • Reduced maintenance costs more than 70%
  • Drastic increase in information management and sales tracking