About HireMeLegal

HireMeLegal.com is an open online marketplace, where users can find qualified, experienced attorneys to solve their case by posting their case on this website. After this, attorneys review case details and submit bids to earn new clients. There are tons of great ways HireMeLegal connects potential clients to attorneys, but what makes the service unique is the ability for users to post case information and track their case status online. Clients and lawyers can both use the platform for free, or they can pay for premium services. Currently, there’s no other site like it on the Web.

The website of HireMeLegal is designed in a customized format of Zend Framework, developed on Custom PHP / MySQL back-end. It allows quick registration and posting cases. On the other hand, attorneys can log in and bid for cases which are relevant to their expertise. This formulates a two-way dialogue between a client and attorney from which both are mutually benefitted.


1. Dual Login

This feature facilitates user to register as both attorneys as well as clients.

2. Search Attorney

Separate search box through which clients can search across the Attorney’s community.

3. Attorney Profile

Attorney’s portfolio management system where they can define their skill sets, description, the area of expertise, etc.

4. Case Management

With this powerful case management feature, admin can conveniently manage the cases been listed in the attorney clone script. They have an ultimate access over the cases which includes approving, edit, flag, suspend and even they can disapprove the cases.

5. Post a Case

Using this feature, the client can post the case instantly through some simple clicks by describing the case details, images and upload it successfully.

6. Case Search

This feature facilitates users to conveniently look up their preferred Cases.

7. Bidding System

Through this feature, the attorney can conveniently bid the Cases whichever they feel to contribute their interest.

8. Messaging

An internal messaging system allows the Clients, and the Attorneys can effectively communicate in your freelancing website.

9. Project Milestone

It’s a convenient option for the clients as well as the attorneys to accomplish their task in a more secure way. Once the milestone for the case is defined, then the cases can be divided into individual modules. So the selected attorney finishes the module after module, the amount for the case been coded also transferred to the attorney account. So this provides a secure approach to enumerate their case effectively.

10. Watch List

The attorney can make any case as their favorite one. This feature provides a good reputation for the attorneys from their contributed work as well as to the clients for the qualified cases.

11. Commission

Admin can earn money from attorneys as well as case holders though our Attorney script. Case holder has to pay a fee to admin by selecting an attorney for his case.

12. Urgent Listing

The client may want to complete a case urgently. To do so, he should pay an urgent listing fee to the webmaster. Once the webmaster gets the fees, he lists them in the urgent section of his Attorney clone website. Many attorneys can view the urgent listing and bid for the case.

13. Featured Listing

Cases getting bid only by increasing the attorney’s visibility towards the same. So it always matters to do a case with high visibility than by listing it along with the other case. So to increase the visibility, case holder has to pay a fee to admin to display their case in front of other cases in your attorney clone website.

How HireMeLegal Works?



After Gowebbaby Update

Interactivity among clients and attorney benefitted both:



  • - Attorneys can bid for cases in their expertise field
  • - They can freely determine the right charges based on their services
  • - Large number of clients approach the web portal with their case, so waiting time for a new client is negligible



  • - Clients can easily find the right attorney for their case
  • - They can go for their choice of attorney while considering their quoted charges
  • - Hectic procedure of finding and verifying an attorney eliminated time taken before a decision

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