LookBook Image


  • Custom Multiple Image Gallery (Lookbook) and Video Gallery with Youtube and Vimeo
  • Showcase galleries on any page, product,collection or blog by simply adding an embed code.
  • Tag Multiple Products directly on your Look Book Images

WHY US? - We are More than just Lookbook

Our Lookbook is more advance than 90% of Lookbook apps available on Shopify. We do offer advance product tagging feature with Lookbook and it increases your sales by 40%-45%. User can see your products on Gallery and Buy directly from there.

Features Included:

  • Image Gallery: Create Multiple Custom Galleries on Store
  • Multi Image Uploader You can easily upload multiple images and videos in one click and then manage it.
  • Look Book: Upload Your Lookbook Easily
  • Youtube/Vimeo Video Gallery: Create Youtube Video Galleries Easily and Add Thumb of Video Separately
  • Product Tagging: Tag Multiple Products on a image and redirect users to product page.
  • Mobile Responsive: Full Responsive and work perfectly on all Mobile and Ipad Devices
  • Analytic Reports: Check the Analytics Report in admin about the clicks and Most clickable images on the galleries

Why Use Lookbook:

  • Increase Conversion Rates Increase conversion rate by tagging your products on Gallery. Visitors will see your nice gallery and your products are directly Tagged on those images
  • Full Page Galleries Show your Shoppable Image gallery as a full page grid. This creates a gorgeous interface for your visitors and is the most popular layout.
  • Product Page Galleries Display shoppable posts directly on your product pages. This creates "Social Proof" which increase conversion rates and allows customers to see lifestyle pictures of your products.
  • Slider Galleries Display your shoppable gallery as a compact slider, which is a great addition to your home page, and helps direct your customers to your high converting.
  • Tag Multiple Products Tag an unlimited number of products featured in the post, no limits.
  • Embed Galleries Anywhere Integrate your Showcase Galleries into your Shopify store. Showcase automatically embeds your gallery in just two clicks - easy!
  • Customize Look & Feel Showcase galleries are beautiful out-of-the-box, and allow you to adjust the layout and behavior without any technical experience.

Embed With:

  • You can create gallery Slider.
  • You can create custom image gallery on any page on Shopify Page.

Check Image Gallery Demo>>

  • Tag custom Gallery with Your products.
  • You can create Yotutube or Vimeo Video Gallery on any page.

Check Video Gallery Demo>>

Customize and create multiple Galleries easily

Check Demo Store

Multiple Video Galleries

  • You can create Unlimited Video galleries on your Store.
  • We support YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • You can easily upload custom thumbnail for videos