Sales Motivator


  • Easy Announcement & Free Shipping Bar on Any location of your theme.
  • Sales Motivator - Shows Customers How far they are to get Offer?
  • Countdown Sales Timer - Create Offers & Urgency for visitors to increase conversion.


We are providing combination of 3 different Apps in one APP platform. No need to pay for multiple apps if you are getting 3 apps feature in 1 App. We are providing below 3 Features in this app:

  • Announcement Bar
  • Sales Motivator Bar
  • Count Down Timer Bar

Announcement Bar

  • Display Page targeting, define bars to only display on certain pages, such as all pages, home page only, collection or product pages, or any pages by giving the URLs
  • Responsive, and optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Create Multiple Bars and add on different Locations of the page.
  • Add Effects on bar like Rotating Text, Blink etc.

Sales Motivator Bar

  • Display Offer message to customers when they add something to the cart.
  • Increase your average checkout total by 30-40% when customers know exactly how close they are to receiving an Offer
  • Design the Banner And show on any Location you Like

Count Down Timer Bar

Create Urgency for Your Sales & Promotions

Get more customers to the checkout by letting them know about special offers they will receive. Adding urgency to sales and promotions is a great way of driving conversions.

  • Added Start and End Time Option.
  • Schedule Timer from specific start date to the complete time.
  • Create Multiple Timers Easily.
  • Easy Installation and No Custom Coding Required.

App Useful For:

  • Free Shipping Notice
  • Sales Motivator - Shows Customer How much far they are from offer?
  • Discount Offer
  • Holiday Promotions and Sales
  • Count Down Timer
  • Up-selling any products / collections
  • Any New Notice for Customers

Key Features :

  • Announcement Bar is Easy to Manage from Admin
  • Manage Location of Bar easily
  • Manage the Width / Position of the Bar.
  • Add / Remove Count Down Timer
  • One click Marque Enable/Disable Option in the App.
  • Design colors Easily as per your theme.
  • Manage on which Page you want to display the bar.