Smart Doc

About Smart Doc

SmartDoc is a cloud based platform developed for lawfirms and legal form users. At SmartDoc, we believe that everyone deserves to have their life events addressed respectfully and completely. We want you to be able to access the appropriate, necessary documents without worrying about coming up with a month’s rent to pay for them.

We offer simple to read, easy to understand documents that let you work through your issues

What's Included

We make the dull and draining part of life fun! Well,it may not be fun,but we offer our members the opportunity to promptly take care of the issues that matter to them.

Access to Free SmartDoc Documents

Who doesn’t love free stuff? With your free membership to SmartDoc, you can access and create documents, and even go back and edit them later – when you realize you don’t want your slacker cousin house-sitting.

Cloud-Based Storage of Documents

SmartDoc offers a free, secure, cloud-based storage of your important documents. No, not in the actual clouds – we offer electronic storage of your documents on a protected site.

Secure and Legal eSigning

We offer the ability to securely eSign your documents so that you can use your documents as soon as you’d like. And you won’t waste time trying to find a pen that actually writes.

Follow Your Life Changes Through Your Social Network

SmartDoc helps you keep on top of your important life events. Whether you’re expecting [Mazel tov, by the way!] or looking to buy a house, we suggest documents to help make your life easier.

Share Documents with Family & Friends

Share your important documents with the people you choose. If you want your parent or partner to have access to your power of attorney, we make that happen.

PIN Lock for Added Security

Premium users have the added security level of a PIN lock for their documents. Designated people can access your documents, but only you can make changes. Your cat stays in your will.

How it Works?

SmartDoc helps you identify your needs and evaluate where you are now. We offer tools, assessments, and documents that give you control of your life.

  • Create Your Document
  • Select from your legal library
  • Preview Document

Echosign Your Document

  • Send document for Signature
  • Notified on Email
  • eSign the received document
  • After eSign You will received this again through email.

Single business model for legal services

SmartDoc automation

Make the Legal Documentation Process Simpler and Automated.

Secured Digital Vault

Is a cloud-based web portal for your tax,legal and financial resource.

SmartDoc CRM

Offers the functionality of the leading Legal Customer Relations software to manage law cases available on the market today, and much more.

Legal Vault Flow