How to Create a Design Brief for Your Ecommerce Website?

How to Create a Design Brief for Your Ecommerce Website? - GoWebBaby.Com
If you are planning to start your own ecommerce business, then this article is especially for you. Those who already have a website, then add some refreshment in your store so that the audience will feel fresh and modern.

The design of ecommerce website is the very first step to be taken before starting to develop the website either with the help of a designer or an ecommerce website template. The reason behind creating a design brief of the e-commerce website is to have a clear of the results they wanted to see and do the website fulfill all the requirements for the same.

Below mentioned are the ways to understand how to meet these requirements in the best way. Here's a list on information that an ecommerce website design brief should contain:

    • The basic information about the product such as the area of its activity, the competitors, the store audience etc.
    • If the design brief is created for an existing website, then a link to the existing website should be given and list down the areas needed to be omitted or redesigned.
    • Make sure the logo of the website is of top quality and in psd, eps, ai, pdf, or svf format.
    • Make sure the font, text, logo, texture, and other elements of the website are as per the corporate style that is the face of the company.
    • Make a list of the product descriptions, page descriptions, texts, banners, and other important content is ready or in the process. It helps in making the whole process fast as the content can easily be changed from "lorem ipsum" during the designing process itself.
    • Decide the platform to be used to create the website. Each CMS be it Magento or Drupal, has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, choose wisely or go for pre-built ecommerce templates.
    • Get the full sitemap ready to work on all the pages.
    • Make a list of all the additional pages such as blog, author list, FAQ page, and brand list. Get them designed as well.
    • Make a list of the special features such as a drop-down menu, a search option, color swatch, and product carousel etc.
  • If the store will also be available to be used in so many countries with so many languages, then check all the elements such as the feature to support all the currencies while making a purchase.

The takeaway

Before getting started designing a website either with the help of a designer or an ecommerce website template, make a list of the design brief. It helps in making everything clear and schedules the work accordingly. The process of ecommerce website designing will also get completed in steps. This process is also very helpful when your work for a client as the work has to be done at every cost in the given frame of time.

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