How To Prepare Your Shopify Theme For Another Year Of Success 2016?

How To Prepare Your Shopify Theme For Another Year Of Success 2016? - GoWebBaby.Com

Finally its 2016 and we are about to start another year in the exciting world of ecommerce! It is the best time to think how we can optimize our Shopify theme or store to make it more successful in this year. We have especially crafted some great ways that will help your Shopify store get ready for success in 2016. Here are the ways:-

Frequently Update your Shopify Theme

When you will update your Shopify Theme, it will often provide you access to the greatest and latest features that has been added by your theme developer, as well as any bug fixes that were exposed when you installed the current version of your theme.

Even if you are not ready to update, if you have made changes directly to your theme files at any point, now is a best time to experience and do some preparation work for when you do decide to upgrade. One of the most significant things you can do to ensure you are ready to update is to make a list of all of the customizations you have done to the CSS and Liquid files. Making this list can be a bit monotonous, but it will surely come in handy when you update your theme files.

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Review Product Descriptions

Review all of your product descriptions to make sure they feel fresh and are still perfect. Furthermore think back to the kinds of customer service queries you frequently get in your inbox and, if relevant, update your product descriptions to better answer those queries straight.

If things slow down a bit for you in the early part of the year, now might also be a good time to experience and enhance the Meta descriptions and title tags of your site. This too can be a bit of a tiresome job, but is a key part of your efforts to get your webstore to rank well in search engine results — and attract customers looking to buy what you offer.

Review other pages

Similarly, it is also best time to review the content on your website’s other pages, which includes the About Us pages, FAQ Terms and Conditions or other.

Again, think again on the type of questions you received over the holiday season and past year and confirm you have clearly answered them on your FAQ page. This page is key to building customer confidence and answering questions upfront — and eventually making it simple to convert a visitor into a customer.

If you face any issue with customers in the past year, update your Terms and Conditions with a new policy or two that might shield you from a similar problem in the future. Although few users actually read these pages, having a policy in place and in a publicly available location you can refer to can often come in handy when dealing with issues or other problems.

Lastly, also be sure to update your About pages to include any new development or other services or products from the past year. Did you get some press coverage, donate a portion of sales to a charity or hit any big milestones, perhaps? Many store owners get captivated in the daily running of their stores that they overlook to update these pages with the greatest and latest news about their products and services.

Adding features?

Now is also a great time to carefully consider what kinds of apps or features you might wish to add to your store in the coming year. Adding new features or functionality is a careful balancing act that should be a considered business decision.

When considering a new app or feature for your Shopify store, start by exploring your holiday sales figures and develop a rough budget for how much you would like to spend on any upgrades. Also remember your data and ask yourself, decently, if the new app or feature you are considering would have had a noteworthy impact on your holiday sales.

Good luck!

As we move into 2016, everyone at Gowebbaby would like to thank you for choosing our themes for your stores, and wish you a very successful and prosperous new year!

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