How to Select the Best Theme that Goes Well with Your Shopify Store?

How to Select the Best Theme that Goes Well with Your Shopify Store? - GoWebBaby.Com

There is a saying we all heard once in our life – “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But this will not work in the online business scenario. Here, the visitors and customers judge your store by its look and feel, means totally with its layout. So, it becomes very important or you to select perfect theme that makes your Shopify store look beautiful and functional.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the essential steps that help you to select the best theme for your Shopify store so your products and business can shine in the light they deserve.

Step 1: Sorting Your Options Based on Industry

You will be able to look into the breakdown of industries and themes that might work well in those particular industries. Remember, that when you are looking at the industry breakdown, they are simply suggestions. A theme that's labelled as effective for the Electronics industry might work perfectly for business that's in Furniture industry. It's all about your personal preference!

Step 2: Consider Theme Support as a Deciding Factor

Theme support is another vital factor to consider when deciding on your perfect theme. All free themes are maintained directly by Shopify through the Theme Support team. You can reach out to them for support at All third-party developers have their own support team, so if you do end up using a theme that was made by a third-party, you will have to contact their team directly should you run into any issues.

Step 3: Look at the Best Themes to See What's Working

You also have the capability to sort themes based on popularity. The good thing about this, is that it help you see what themes are being used effectively by storeowners right now. Chances are, if someone in your industry is making use of a theme successfully, you can appropriate the theme's styling and design to match your brand and business.

Step 4: Most Importantly, Be Willing to Test and Experiment

So with all of that being said, it is clear that there are a number of options when it comes to selecting a theme for your Shopify store. So, how do you pick the perfect one? Take your time to test and experiment. Really, there is no better way to discover what's perfect for your business than to use criteria, questions, & sorting features rather than experimenting different themes. You can install up to 20 themes in your store which gives you plenty of room to play around.


Truth be told, there's no "one size fits all" approach to picking a theme. Every business is different, and the only person who can make an informed decision on the perfect theme for your Shopify store is you.

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