5 Best Jewelry Online Store Design

5 Best Jewelry Online Store Design

The first impression a buyer has when entering a jewelry or designer accessory shop will have a big impact on whether they stay for long and end up making a purchase. Millions are spent each year by the top end jewelry shops improving their shopper experience as they know that it has a direct correlation to the revenue they make.

Given the increasing trend of for jewelry to be bought online, equal care and attention should be paid to jewelry e-commerce store designs. Obviously, it can be difficult to replicate the personal experience of a customer that walks through your shop door, asking you to help them choose something distinctive to their individual taste and personality. Jewelry and designer accessory shoppers often want to feel like the only customer in the world, buying a one-of-a-kind product designed just for them.

Thankfully, due to E-commerce platforms, you now only need to spend a tiny amount to achieve the high-end web design and e-commerce functionality that would have costs thousands a few years ago.

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Here are 5 best jewelry online store designs for you:-

IN Pink

IN Pink is an online store offering a vast selection of celebrity-inspired necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets for all of your fashion needs. Their unique and expertly styled jewelry collections make shopping for accessories a breeze--and with outstanding savings!

 In Pink Online store

They have created their store on Magento e-commerce platform that gives them a freedom to offer their customers an ease to shop jewelry online. The store has many exclusive features as it is created on Magento platform. The features include- simple navigation, one-page checkout, international payment gateways, social media sharing options, free shipping options, create and manage orders easily, customer registration and login option and so on.


My Joya

For the people who love jewelry and also love to do shopping from their own space, My Joya is the perfect place for them. It is an online jewelry store that offers varied range of jewelry products for their customers.

 My Joya Online Store

With a number of exclusive features, this Magento- based online store let buyers shop from anywhere and anytime without have to leave the comfort of their own home. International payment gateway integration feature of the store facilitate shoppers to use different payment methods and easy browsing plus awesome product display give them the confines to buy without any worry. Some of the advanced features of custom Magento store of My Joya are as follows:-

  • Complete custom web design
  • Magento Custom cart
  • Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Websites
  • Integrated Shipping
  • Inventory Control
  • Product Search Feature
  • Payment Gateway & Merchant Accounts
  • Search engine friendly website
  • CMS website (Content Management System)

Dana Walden Bridal

Dana Walden Bridal may not be a name you a familiar with but you should as they have an extensive collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. Their website is filled with the unique designs of rings and bands they have to offer. Going to www. danawaldenbridal.com will give you access to some of the most beautiful rings and photos of jewelry designs you have ever seen!

 Dana Walden Bridal Online Store

The Shopify store design is big, bold and makes great use of large-scale images.  Collection and product pages are beautifully presented - whilst at the same time being packed with useful information to make the buying decision easy.  The overall template scales well on mobile and tablet devices, optimizing its navigation for use on small devices through the pop outside menu.


Addison Week

Addison week is the one stop destination for those who love art in both jewelry and home décor. This store has a range of timeless pieces made of semi-precious gemstones. The Shopify store of Addison weeks has high-quality fashion jewelry that is double dipped in 24kt gold.

 Addison Weeks Online Store

Getting products from Addison weeks is as simple as register on websites via user registration and login feature and then buy the product of your choice easily and effectively. Shopify e-commerce store has all the basic functionalities that are must for an online store. So customers can shop online anytime and anywhere.

The store has beautiful layout that provides buyers a great shopping experience as they easily navigate and see the products of their choice. The e-commerce provider of Addison weeks- Gowebbaby uses effective Shopify design services that help end users to easily access the store. The main features of the web store include international payment gateways, social media sharing integration, unlimited products and bandwidths, gift card and discount coupons, newsletter subscription and many more.

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Without the retail markup, VRAI & ORO store is offering high-quality fine jewelry designs. The philosophy of this store about creating for quality, being inspired by simplicity, and embodying transparency. Instead of focusing on trends, we offer simple, delicate pieces that can be worn every day.

 VRAI & ORO Online Store

They have created their online store to provide their products online to their buyers. VRAI & ORO gives a freedom to their buyers by providing them a custom Shopify store. The design and usability of the website are very nice that help customers easily find and buy the product they want. They take help from Gowebbaby in designing and developing Shopify store. The store has all the essential and advanced features that are a must for an online presence.

As a final point

If you are having your retail jewelry store and wish to create an online store as well, then you can trust us for this task. Years of expertise in e-commerce development gives us the confidence to design and develop beautiful e-commerce portals. We had helped a lot of retailers in creating a store that helps them attract new users with its exclusive features. To create an e-commerce store with affordable rates, get in touch with us today!

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