9 best ways to optimize the product pages of your ecommerce website

9 best ways to optimize the product pages of your ecommerce website

In present times, Ecommerce is one of the fast growing business. Many people have invested and succeeded in this kind of business venture. With less capital and maintenance, it can provide you a high sales return. For one to be successful in this business, proper planning and methods must be done. One of the most significant part of creating your own ecommerce website is its products pages. This should be carefully designed and planned. Proper methods or techniques must be followed in order for the products pages to fully enhance its purpose. If you wish your webstore to really flourish and be a topmost online retailer among your competitors, you must entirely optimize the product pages of your website. Optimization of the product pages as a whole is significant for maximum search engine optimization to increase traffic and sales. Top ways that help you in optimizing the product pages of your Ecommerce website are as follows:-

The 5-second Test

The 5 second test can be of great help for the achievement of your ecommerce website. With this, you can assess your website’s success rate in terms efficiency and effectiveness. A good first impression from your viewers can greatly affect their purchasing decisions.

Website Download Speed

When your prospective buyer arrives at your site, it must load in less than 5 seconds or else you might lose them. A buyer, especially those who use a high speed internet connection, needs to get things they wanted in an instant that is why they would like to purchase it online. You have to make sure that your website loads fast and discard things that would make it load slowly. 728x90-dark@2x

Shoppers can clearly understand what you are selling them

Another way to create a good first impression during the first 5 seconds of your potential buyers' stay on your website is to clearly state what products or services you are offering them. This is to avoid confusion in your customer’s part and make them understand clearly what you are selling them. To do this, you must make sure that your website's logo, images, and design is relevant or related to what products you are selling. Even the colors play an important role in this.

Clearly Guide Users to your Product Page

An additional way to create a good first impression is to clearly guide your shoppers to your product pages. Your navigation menu and call to action buttons can be used in guiding your shoppers to your product pages and other pages on your ecommerce website. You have to make them as attractive as possible to lure them to your product pages.

Optimizing the Product Page

The product page is like your shelves where you put the products you offer. You have to work on the on-page and off-page optimizations of your product pages. This means you have to build links not only on outside sources but also on the product pages as well. This is to make your ecommerce website rank higher in search engines and be more visible online.

Optimize the Product Title

In creating a product title, you have to be very creative in order to attract your customers and influence greatly their purchasing decisions. Instead of just putting the name of the product, you can use adjectives in phrases to be more effective. For example, instead of just “iPhone 5” you can do iPhone 5, The Thinnest, Lightest, and Ultrafast iPhone ever.

Optimizing Product Photos

Each product you offer must have multiple photos attached to it that cover every angle of the product. This is to give your shoppers an idea of what the product looks like. You must also attach an ALT text or alternative text on each photo to make it rank higher in the search engine’s image search.

Optimizing Product Descriptions

In creating the descriptions of each product, you have to be very creative with it to attract your shoppers and influence them to buy your product.

Adding Links to Related Products

Adding links to related products with images attached to it is also very essential in creating an ecommerce website. This is to make your shoppers stay longer and increase your internal links at the same time. 728x90-dark@2x


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