How to start your online shopping store with limited investment?

How to start your online shopping store with limited investment?

Starting an online shopping store sounds expensive but it is possible to start and run an online shopping store with a low expense account. A novice eCommerce entrepreneur has enough options to start and run an online shopping store successfully. Before you start developing your online shopping store you should find the answer to: What is the combination of skills available to you, i.e. creative ideas and technical associations for an online application? 728x90-dark@2xHere is how you can make money through an online shopping store with limited budget or almost no money.

1. Create something - innovate

Create and sell online with online shopping store There are some negligible initial supplies costs but most of the time you can sell your self-created products online with profits. If you have a knack for creating handicrafts then you can sell them online on various online shopping store portals.
  • Etsy provides the largest platform for creative enthusiasts who want to sell their product online. You can sell any homemade artwork on the web portal ranging from beer can bracelets to canvas paintings.
  • Bonanza is a growing online shopping store platform provider following the growth of Etsy. It posted more than 10 million visits according to its latest update.
  • Abe’s Market is a niche online shopping store provider that sells organic goods including lotions, granolas, lotions, etc.
  • eBay leads the way for handmade online shopping store platform as it provides an integrated payment gateway, i.e. Paypal with presentable product platform.
Most ecommerce owners prefer selling their products through multiple online shopping stores and adding an ecommerce website of their own. While selling your products through various online platform boosts sales, ecommerce website enables them to update and synchronize their product data on all of them saving time.

2. Reselling: filling the gap between manufacturers and customers

Create and sell online with online shopping store Most of the successful eCommerce businesses are running on the back of playing middlemen. You can be a part of retailing channels by bridging the gap between manufacturers and receivers. The following options stand among the top online shopping store ideas for reselling: Garage Sales and Thrift Store Marketing: If you know where to get the best items that people are looking for then simply buy them and sell them online for a higher price. You can find the cheaper stock at flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, etc. and if you are the person who knows about them. Then buy and sell them at a higher price. It is important to remember and understand the need of your customer here. Shipping bridge: You can set up an online shopping store partnering with door-step shipping companies. This helps you get profits in between dealings of manufacturers and consumers.

3. Start Selling with Online Shopping Store

freelancer working online

If you are a lawyer or a doctor then you have your degree to present your qualification with your experience. You can sell your advice and service using an online shopping store instead of selling physical products. People generally look for babysitters, lawn movers, physical trainers, editors, and other professional service providers online. Important factors to remember while selling your services online:

  • Create yourself as a brand with your prior experiences.
  • Mention and validate your credibility so that your prospective customers can trust your work.
  • Use extensive social media marketing to put your face and work together and increase your reach.
  • Write blogs to attract a relevant audience to check out your services.

For more help: Check out - Social Media Marketing which will help you create your brand value online.

4. Barter for your supplies

While starting an online shopping store if you don’t have any funds at all then you can barter for what you need. For a primary startup, you need a computer with an internet connection. If you don’t have one then you can check out used ones online or exchange some of your services for getting a used laptop.

5. Lower cost of supplies gives you Low Pricing benefit

There are various sites available for freelancing services. Advertise your skills online on these web portals to get your first few assignments. Since your cost of working is almost zero you can add a low cost advantage to your profile which bumps up your sale quicker than any other marketing strategy.


Starting an online shopping store and being your own boss is the best feeling in the world but it requires passion and hard work from your side. Ecommerce businesses are blooming only because people are working on what they love to do the most. So, you can sell your self-created products, services, or be a reseller but you give it your 100 percent. 

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