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Magento V/S  Shopify I usually work only on Magento because of its extensive features and flexibility to set up an eCommerce store. I recently had some great experience with another eCommerce platform – Shopify. Shopify-buttons-728x90 So it was fun to figure out how to set up a storefront on another platform. I quickly discovered why small businesses are preferring Shopify over other platforms. As a first time user of Shopify, I was impressed to use Shopify which let me to set up a storefront in only a day. It was surprising to discover that Shopify was very intuitive and user friendly. The instructions that Shopify provides to its customer was much easier and clearer to follow than Magento. At the same time I also discovered that how Shopify wouldn't work for the majority of my clients.I hope my article would let the reader to decide which platform would be good to set up their store front.

Let us chalk out some major differences between Magento and Shopify.

  • Shopify is a software as service platform which cannot be customized as Magento.
  • Unlike Magento Shopify is only an eCommerce platform for extremely small business.
  • Magento offers lot of extensive features, while in Shopify you will get minimal functionality.
  • Shopify offers high quality themes in cheaper price than Magento.
  • Unlike Magento, It is very easy to purchase a domain and get your store up and running quickly through Shopify.
  • Plus, unlike some SAAS platforms Shopify does allow its users to export their data.
  • If you are an starter in internet business Shopify would be good otherwise Magento is the best option.

“So, we can conclude that Shopify is good for businesses say less than $50k/year and are little intent to grow, Others must consider Magento for their businesses”.

Let's see how Magento can be useful for your business?

  • Magento offers lot of service functionality than any other eCommerce platform.
  • Its integration with ERPs and CRMs of your choice is very easy to manage your order management.
  • With Magento you can create dynamic offers, wholesale sites and complex products.
  • Magento is very SEO friendly than any other eCommerce platform.
  • Magento gives your business a robust website that can grow to accommodate an expanding business.
If you are really want to do more than $50k/year in eCommerce business, then Magento is highly recommended. While it is more complicated to set up and get started with Magento by yourself, but in the end you will be more happier to see the wide range of customized functionality offered by Magento to run your eCommerce business successfully. To get your site set up, its probably best to contact a professional but once you’re launched you’ll be able to run the site solo. For More Shopify Features check this - Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify

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