New Shopify Store Launched – Timechant.Com

New Shopify Store Launched – Timechant.Com
As expert Shopify designers and developers, we have launched ample of Shopify stores till now. Today I am going to introduce the store that is recently launched by us- Timechant.Com.


Timechant.Com is an online Shopify store that offers watches of NYSW online. NYSW stands for New York Standard Watch is a company that provides pocket watches. With continuing efforts on Research and Development, the NYSW has designed and introduced a wide range of new generation talking watches that aids people in need for an easier life. Blind or visually impaired people benefit from our Atomic Talking watch which is the first in the world that sets itself. Since the launching of our advanced VHAS (Voice and Hands Are always Synchronized) Talking Watch, the generic talking watch is always able to synchronize voice and hands.

With the webstore, now Time chant can offer its valuable products online and it becomes easy for customers too to shop from their online store from the comfort of their own space. Some of the features that we have implemented in the Time chant online store are as follows:-

  • Easy & smooth navigation
  • Simple search option
  • New user registration & login
  • Integrated Amazon payments
  • Showcase featured brands & products
  • One step checkout
  • Responsive design for any screen

If you do have any plan to create your own online store using Shopify or on any other ecommerce platform, then contact us today!

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