Top 40 Premium Shopify Templates for eCommerce Web Stores

Top 40 Premium Shopify Templates for eCommerce Web Stores

Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms accessible for online sellers of any size of the type of business. The network provides a single-selling platform to assist users build a store, manage sales and connect with customers on social media and through other business growth channels.

A good theme can aid you get started with Shopify and get selling that much faster without having to worry about having to do lots of web design or development. As with other software-based themes, they can range from simple starter packages to sophisticated design tools with robust features.

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Here, we are breaking down top 40 premium Shopify templates for eCommerce web stores – that are beautifully designed and will help you make the most out of your online shop.

1) Pacific

This responsive, modular theme is designed for stores with a vast inventory and display each product in a beautiful minimalistic style design. With a plenty of easy to use navigation and an excellent slider, buyers will be able to browse and make purchases with ease. The theme also comprises four styles to assist you to get started with your store –bold, cool, warm and bright.

Pacific Shopify Premium Template

2) California

California is a retina display ready theme that works great on tablets and mobile devices. It’s concentrated on easiness, providing the user with just the accurate amount of information on each screen. The design is easy and simple to navigate and provides sufficient room for product photos. This theme is possibly best suitable for a more limited inventory but could handle a substantial amount of products.

California Shopify Premium Template

3) Atlantic

Atlantic has one of the thought-provoking flat interfaces we have seen. It combines clean typography and an organized layout to make a simple-but-tempting theme such as this. Some features comprise homepage slideshow, multi-tiered navigation menu, and lots of space for highlighted content.

Atlantic Shopify Premium Template

4) Blockshop

Blockshop takes advantage of flat design with a minimal style. The theme visual is just appealing and has an exceptional look. It is made for businesses with a little bit of an edge and can work for an assortment of products, although would be best matched with highly visual features.

Blockshop Shopify Premium Template

5) Grid

Grid utilizes the ever-popular masonry style design to get the best out of your product gallery. You can feature up to six full-width features on the homepage for great visuals or scale back with limited images for an additional minimal feel. The theme also comprises some great social tools, such as Twitter and Instagram integration to maximize what buyers are saying about your brand and products.

Grid Shopify Premium Template

6) Sunrise

Sunrise is an exceptional Shopify theme. You can only change the whole look and feel of your store which contains colors, typography, graphics, etc. It is packed with awe-inspiring features, which include sidebar menu, brand scroller, product image zoom, newsletter form, slideshow, Google fonts, customer accounts, customized checkout, social links, etc.

Sunrise Shopify Premium Template

7) Pipeline

The pipeline is a powerful and clean theme – carefully adjusted for mobile, tablet, and retina devices. Streamline your navigation with a great multi-level dropdown and build an attractive homepage with full-bleed photos. Pipeline facilitates your products to shine with a clean, minimal design while providing your customers a great experience on any device.

Pipeline Shopify Premium Template

8) Editions

Minimal is one of the big trends in online shop designs, and Editions uses that to its full potential. The theme comprises plenty of white space, great typography and provides images and elements room to shine. It comes in dark and light versions and contains a great navigation framework that can handle just about anything you can throw at it, which includes a nice “featured products” area on the homepage.

Editions Shopify Premium Template

9) Fashionopolism

Fashionopolism is one of Shopify’s best-selling fixed width templates. The layout is simple but attractive; it’s like a magazine spread that will instantly attract your visitors. The shopping experience is a simple one, thanks to its clean navigation. Other features include slideshow, static, or homepage video, responsive design, two collection templates, the 2nd image displayed on hover for the collection pages, an image with a hover to zoom + click to enlarge for product pages.

Fashionopolism Shopify Premium Template

10) Retina

Retina is a next generation Shopify theme that creates an extraordinary online shopping experience. Featuring a vivid full-width slideshow under the main navigation, a revolutionary sliding cart, responsive layout for all screen sizes and mobile devices, a highly customizable sidebar, and high-resolution product images for Retina displays.

Retina Shopify Premium Template

11) Cypress

Cypress is a minimalist and fully responsive Shopify theme. It includes organizational, and sharing features yet are simple and customizable and a crystal-like artistic. The theme is responsive, search engine optimized and includes both full-color customizations and features for better sharing and organization.

Cypress Shopify Premium Template

12) Focal

Focal is a feature-rich, highly tailored theme. It has been utilized for all kinds of stores. Customers will relish its stunning full-screen slider, search auto-completion, and distinctive built-in features like Instagram support and currency conversion. This theme has also been fully augmented for mobile, so if your client’s store is receiving a lot of mobile traffic, then Focal makes sure that users will love browsing on their phones.

Focal Shopify Premium Template

13) Sugar

Sugar is a theme designed for boutique shops, from pastry stores to fashion design. The theme features great image areas, clean typography and a minimal design style that takes advantage of your featured products. It comes with three different presets to assist in maximizing your product offerings and get a store online quickly. One of the finest design features is the multi-tiered sidebar menu to assist buyers to find everything you have in stock at just a glance.

Sugar Shopify Premium Template

14) Stella

Stella is a highly customizable, responsive theme that features simple lines and plenty of space. Shop owners will love the flexibility in design customization options from color to typography, and it all comes together in a sleek package with nice image areas, button styles, and feature product placements.

Stella Shopify Premium Template

15) Sweet Tooth

For the store with the feminine touch, Sweet Tooth is a great place to start. This theme is filled with feminine styling, from the color to typography choices, and works best for smaller stores. It also comprises tools to assist you to build your small business, such as Mail Chimp integration and contact form and social media sharing tools.

Sweet Tooth Shopify Premium Template

16) Alchemy

Alchemy makes use of big visuals to aid you to attract users into product areas of the store. The theme could work pleasantly as a one-page storefront with parallax scrolling features and row ordering. The design uses a nearly Material Design-styled layered look for images and content blocks and is retina ready.

Alchemy Shopify Premium Template

17) Symmetry

This theme is just about like four themes in one with so many design options accessible. It features a clean design with a minimal style and four responsive frameworks preset –Chantilly, Beatnik, Duke and Salt Yard. The theme is also packed with other advanced features such as scrolling collection rows, slideshows, live search and tons of flexibility with the design and in the backend.

Symmetry Shopify Premium Theme

18) Parallax

Parallax is a stunning theme featuring a long-format home page with unparalleled flexibility and control. The theme helps you create a visual story for your product lines, engaging customers from the first click. Create impact with multiple parallax scrolling sections and the ability to purchase products from the home page.

Parallax Shopify Premium Theme

19) Weekend

The weekend is a theme for the adventure weekender and shops to hit that target demographic. The gridded design features large full-screen image areas and plenty of other blocks to create a store that feels almost like an outdoor excursion. It comes with three styles – outdoors, coffee and bow ties – for different aesthetic options.

Weekend Shopify Premium Theme

20) Mozaika

Mozaika is a responsive theme with three presets and lot of settings, in a mosaic-style design. What’s especially nice about this aesthetic is that you can feature a large number products on the homepage with a flexible layout that does not feel overcrowded. This theme is packed with tools and options as well so you don’t have to worry that your online store will look like any other.

Mozaika Shopify Premium Theme

21) Avalanche

While the initial concept behind Avalanche is for an outdoor-themed shop, the simple design can be used in a variety of other applications. It comes packed with options and is crafted to have a unique look and feel for any shop. The included color scheme is especially nice and emphasizes products and buttons.

Avalanche Shopify Premium Template

22) Icon

One of the best features of the Icon theme is the ability to showcase products as larger style icons with descriptions and pricing. This is a great feature for retailers. The design is pretty simple as well with some trendy elements such as full-screen photos, parallax scrolling, a hamburger menu for mobile devices and stick header and sidebar options.

Icon Shopify Premium Template

23) Showcase

The classic retro vibe of Showcase is designed to appeal to boutiques, artists, and crafts-style shop owners. The clean design features great color, modern type with lots of punch and is retina-ready so that your product images shine. The theme is packed with tools for customization and makes buying a breeze. All you need is a collection of great product photography!

Showcase Shopify Premium Template

24) Pandora

Pandora is a fully responsive theme that’s written with smooth and modern HTML5 and works as good as it looks on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Pandora features a large slider that will make your products stand out and is designed in a “quick shop” format to have you selling (and customers buying) in no time. It comes with lots of color options, automatic image resizing and a great pop-up product widget.

Pandora Shopify Premium Template

25) Light

Light is a beautiful responsive theme that’s written with smooth and modern HTML5, and it looks (and works) great on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. The simple design is perfect for stores of any kind, from fashion and clothing to digital gadgets or furniture. The design features a grid-style look for showcasing products and AJAX scrolling features so that shoppers never have to stop browsing.

Light Shopify Premium Template

26) Storefront Pro

Storefront Pro features plenty of buttons and images to help show off store items. With nice sidebars and scrolling areas, this theme makes it easy to organize a large inventory or help showcase specific elements. The overall design has plenty of room for flexibility and features a more skeuomorphic design for those who prefer that look.

Storefront Pro

27) Open

Open is ready for your business with a simple, starter-style design that works with a variety of other small business tools, including integration with Mail Chimp. The design is highly visual and makes it easy to filter through large inventories. Nice drop down menus, a mobile checkout option, and parallax slider give the theme a quite modern feel as well.

Open Shopify Premium Template

28) Jitensha

A flat aesthetic and strong lines provide Jitensha a modern feel that can work for a variety of shop types. The design has a definitely modern vibe and could make a great fit for a clothing retailer. The share widget is an added touch as well that can help bring more potential customers to your storefront. The theme comes with four custom presets for nice flexibility in the overall design.

Jitensha Shopify Premium Template

29) Vanity Shop

Vanity Shop is a creatively-style theme that can work for nearly any shop type. The design is simple and organized and includes some specialty tools for shops that want to include elements such as a blog, commenting and animated product information.

Vanity Shop Shopify Premium Template

30) Ap Stylelist

For the fashion-minded, Ap Stylelist is the theme for you. This sleek theme features elements of flat styling, plenty of space and bold design options that make buyers want to click for more. The light and dark color outlines are trendy, and the theme comes with large numbers of add-ons such as Font Awesome integration, shortcode, a fully-customizable framework and a search engine optimization tool.

Ap Stylelist

31) Startup

The startup is a fun little theme in a flat design package, so it has a modern “techy” feel to it. The design is built in an integrated style and can work as a one-page storefront. The style will well-matched with smaller stores with only some of products and makes a great first theme for a startup, hence the name.

Startup Shopify Premium Template

32) Helio

Helio is a highly customizable, fully responsive and elegantly crafted Shopify eCommerce theme built on the Backbone Responsive Framework, facilitating your store to work on Mobile devices, Laptops and Desktops.

Helio Shopify Premium Template

33) Elementary

Elementary is a clean and simple, responsive Shopify theme that assists you to concentrate on your products and generate sales. The design is enhanced to be viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, enabling your customers to purchase from anywhere. With several collections filtering options, unlimited color combinations, and the use of Google Fonts the possibilities are never-ending.

Elementary Shopify Premium Template

34) Avenue

Avenue brings you a very nice and neat design, through which we want to give you a message: let Avenue – Responsive Fashion Shopify Theme boost your online store to the top of the online fashion business. You online store is going to be so mesmerizing that once visiting the store; your customers hardly take their eyes off. Avenue is the best choice for you because of these features.

Avenue Shopify Premium Template

35) Funity

Responsive design, Build on HTML5 and CSS3, Unlimited custom color for a background, text, button, Google font support for heading, text and button, Smart home page ordering, Zoom and Fancybox effect on the product, Quick view & quick shop with Ajax Add to Cart.

Funity Shopify Premium Template

36) Regolith

Regolith is a fully responsive and horizontal Shopify theme that utilizes the latest and greatest technologies in web development, to accomplish a truly unique look and feel. It works great on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. The horizontal layout will not only make your products stand out but will also provide a more effectual use of screen space in an era controlled by wide screens.

Regolith Shopify Premium Template

37) Nui

A versatile theme, with presets aimed at single vendor stores, boutiques, and marketplaces. Nui has been designed to let you take control, without an overpowering amount of options. The menu is hidden away until required and provides access to products, social networks, search, and cart. Nui also features advanced Instagram integration, perfect for facilitating customers to incorporate with your brand.

Nui Shopify Premium Template

38) Fashion Planet

Fashion Planet is one of classy, modern and minimal Responsive Best Shopify Themes. Perfect for stores of any kind, such as clothing, fashion, jewels, watches, furniture, digital gadgets, etc. Mainly designed to sell luxurious & rich products. The theme is written with modern and smooth HTML5 + CSS3. It looks and works great on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Fashion planet Shopify Premium Template

39) Clothing Store

The most remarkable feature of the theme is drop-down menu which manages the website when visitors were scrolling down. It assists their shop to be super-duper faster and easier. Besides of slide show, you can promote your noticeable products via product widgets and today’s promotion slider. In each product page, visitors will see an optional vertical menu that recommends them more choices for their shopping, from categories to brands.

Clothing Store Shopify Premium Template

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40) Beza

Beza – Single Product PSD Template is “Single Store Theme ” is perfect for stores with small- to medium-sized inventories particularly customer who are willing to sell a single product with Shopify store, designed to let your store look great no matter what type of business you run.

Beza Shopify Premium Template

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