3 Great Ways to Increase Email Click-Through Rates for Ecommerce

Increase Email Click-Through Rates for Ecommerce

A marketing email from an ecommerce merchant will frequently result in a sale if the recipient clicks to the merchant’s website. But performance patterns of email recipients are changing vividly as a result of amplified smartphone usage. While opens from smartphones are increasing, many merchants are finding the click rates from those mobile recipients to be declining.

This happens for a lot of reasons.

  • It is hard to get a promise from an individual opening on his smartphone.
  • It can be clumsy for buyers to navigate on their phones, so they opt not to click until open on a desktop or laptop.
  • The email itself is not as convincing to the recipient on their smartphone.
  • The copy is boring and stale.
In this article, I will explore three tips to help increase your email click-through rates, from both desktop and smartphone users.

1) Change the Routine

Having creative and consistent messaging can definitely save time with setting up and performing email campaigns. It can also lead to fester open and click rates, as recipients get jaded with the same types of messages.

To keep recipients involved and to keep your click rates rising or steady, change your email content repeatedly. Rotate product discounts and offers with other types of communications. This can include, for example:

  • Top 10 lists
  • New product features
  • Gift giving ideas
  • Product recommendations based on previous purchases
  • Articles, tips, or tricks

2) Use Video to Boost Clicks

Videos are attractive. They can generate clicks to your website, social shares, and just help build brand loyalty or awareness. They are also a good way to describe a service or product that otherwise would be challenging in a text description.

Embedding an actual video in the body of an email decreases deliverability. As an alternative, make use of a simple image with a play button over it, to look like the start of the video play. When a recipient clicks, he is sent to the page where the video is available.

3) Tease the Audience

Most customers are curious. Adding teasers to email marketing messages can therefore upsurge clicks and engagement. On social media posts, it is becoming tougher to get users to click. You can see examples of teasers in social media feeds, with headlines like, “She sent a simple letter. What happened next will surprise you.”

This approach is utilized in the social media space because it works. Why not apply the same idea to your email marketing campaigns?

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