3 Important Optimization Guidelines For Ecommerce Site Structure

Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the world wide web once said :- ”People think eCommerce is just people browsing, but there's more to it because more and more people are using programs and agents to shop for the best deal, and that's how they are going on your site”.Hats off to his comment on eCommerce website. An eCommerce website must be easy to navigate and search engine friendly. An SEO friendly website will be easily indexed by the spider of the Search Engine. We will quickly walk through the important guidelines for a successful eCommerce structure :-

Initial site structure

Hierarchical nature of a website makes it easy for the user to understand the categories and subcategories of the products.Keywords in the subcategory section should match up with main categories.Start with the top categories and break them into the sub categories.Focus on making each category easy to understand and clear.

Keyword research

Some volume based research must be done . Use the tools like Adwords, Wordtracker etc to find your matching categories one by one.Make variations of your chosen keyword and filter these into a list of terms that can be targeted to your website.Create a spreadsheet of keywords which can find relevant keywords.For the subcategories create long term keywords which must describe what you are offering .

Refurbish and Implement

Now implement the targeted keywords in your website which were already selected. Analyze your website from the vision of visitors and accordingly make changes in the complexities of your website. Put yourself in place of the site's visitor and analyze that is everything can be searched easily. For the existing eCommerce websites make changes in the eCommerce structure. Keep an eye on the performance of your website . Monitor the ranking of your website, site visits, average page views and sales. If this is improving then you are a winner.
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