4 handpicked ecommerce software for small ecommerce business to boost sales

4 handpicked ecommerce software for small ecommerce business to boost sales - GoWebBaby.Com

Ecommerce sales are gaining pace with holiday season on the way. Last year, UK and USA ecommerce retailers recorded highest sales point in their history. This is the perfect time for small ecommerce business retailers to boost their sales. Ecommerce potential buyers are looking for niche products which small ecommerce business lines offer with tailored pricing. However, access to customers is the primary problem faced by small ecommerce business developers.

Here are top 4 ecommerce software  for small ecommerce business which will help you reach out to relevant audience and attract them to your website. Follow the instructions and book in higher profits now!

1. Magento Community – Holiday special

small ecommerce business - Magento community

Magento platform launched free open source ecommerce software which allows small ecommerce businesses to expand their reach. With the help of Magento Community Edition, you can increase functionality of your ecommerce website with addition of new features to run various stores. Our analysis shows ecommerce small businesses use it for its niche features, they are as follows:

  • Managing Discounts, Holiday Offers, and Free Coupons
  • General management of each customer Including Invoice Development, Tax Deductions, Shipping Carts, Orders and Payments
  • Specific benefits include User Profiling, Email Notification, Ecommerce Product Catalogue Maker, SSL Support and Installation Wizard

2. Spree ecommerce – Integration at its best

Ruby on Rails launched spree commerce as a wide based open source platform for customization and optimizing small ecommerce business. Key benefits of using spree ecommerce software are:
  • Quick and easy integration of ecommerce activities
  • Flexibility for changes in ecommerce website
  • Automated back ended support
  • Best for creating unique ecommerce front end offering MUTLIPE ecommerce web store operations
  • Large base of payment gateways (more than 50) with taxation and google analytics support
small ecommerce business- Spree commerce

3. Zen Cart – Easy to use without HTML coding

Zen Cart is a free open source ecommerce software for small ecommerce business owners who want to avoid complicated HTML coding. It allows quick customization of ecommerce web store on the base of PHP ecommerce software. Some of the best features which small ecommerce business can download from Zencart are:

  • Quick installation and ease of use.
  • Automatically updates products and catalogues of small ecommerce business.
  • Pre-installed advanced templates for faciliatating ecommerce functions
  • Build-in override protection system enables higher security of ecommerce portal
small ecommerce business - Zen Cart

A quick similar way to invite customers to your website is using pinterest, which is free and beneficial according to latest statistics. For more, check out How to use Pinterest for ecommerce growth?

4. osCommerce – Reach your global customers

small ecommerce business - osCommerce

You can increase your reach with osCommerce online store designed for small ecommerce business. It allows you to expand your reach globally with secure payment gateways. It gives you control of all the display data, which make it best if you are offering wide variety of products. Key features of osCommerce which will help you expand globally

  • Upgrades small ecommerce business to offer ecommerce store in multiple languages
  • Promotes sales by offering multiple payment gateways
  • Improves ecommerce customer’s experience and eases ecommerce sales by offering online conversion of products in different currencies
  • Provides pre-installed wide base of custom taxation of major countries in the world
  • Variable small ecommerce business add-ons downloads for targeted audience
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