7 e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention to Record MORE Sales

7 e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention to Record MORE Sales - GoWebBaby.Com

High customer retention is essential for creation of a brand, higher sales at lower cost, reference sales and other add-on benefits. Retargeting previous customers to buy again is necessary in e-commerce market where as clicks, impressions, postings, and conversion build up cost in online businesses. Apply this 7 e-commerce strategies for Customer Retention and to record more sales. Clearly, retargeting previous buyers is a beneficial deal. Here is how you can crack this potential and record higher sales.

E-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention:

1. Create CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNTS to collect information

Customer accounts work beneficial for e-commerce future sales, but customer’s point of view is ambiguous. For Customers: Pros & Cons Pro: Creating customer account eases re-purchases and regular customers give a heads-up to the facility. Con: Unwillingness to provide personal details for a long-term commitment hinders preference to buy for some customers. GoWebBaby Expert’s E-commerce Strategy for Customer Retention: Offer an option to create customer account without making it mandatory.

ecommerce Strategies for Customer Retention - offer customer account

2. Reward LOYALTY of your CUSTOMERS

e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention - buzztable- email aap

Creating a customer account is the first step towards developing loyalty among customers. Tempting customers with loyalty membership, additional benefits, and bonus sale offers are some of the best ways to reward your customer’s loyalty and boost sales. Create a Customer Loyalty Rewarding Program Planning a proper way to reward customers during their repurchase and sending them holiday offers is the best technique to facilitate re-targeting sales. Some of the apps and platforms which configure automation of this process are:

  1. » Pirq
  2. » LevelUp
  3. » RewardJunkie!
  4. » Key Ring
  5. » BuzzTable
  6. » ERPLY
  7. » Perqa
  8. » Belly
  9. » Deelioz

3. Newsletter E-mails and e-commerce UPDATES

Over the period of time, newsletters proved their worth in building relationship with customers and boosting funnel conversion ratio. E-mails give a personalized and professional face to your e-commerce business which appreciates their value over social media. E-commerce conversion rate is much higher than organic search and social media campaigns.

e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention - email conversion

4. Move to Customer Delight from Surprising satisfied customers

Other than your promotional offers, discounts and memberships, you can achieve more from customer accounts. GoWebBaby Expert’s E-commerce Strategy for Customer Retention : Reward customers randomly with a gift or unexpected add-on to their purchase! You can determine gift based on your targeted audience’s needs. Aim to show your customers’ they are valued. Recognize customer’s loyalty using your e-commerce platform features.

e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention - personal thanks

5. Connect to your CUSTOMERS on SOCIAL MEDIA

E-commerce businesses can reach out to their customers on various social media portals. When people like, follow, tweet or pin your brand, it is an indication to move into their vertical. Post customer oriented blogs, images, and other engaging informational content to drive sales. GoWebBaby Expert’s E-commerce Strategy: Post quality content once or twice every day for your customers.

6. Allow Free Shipping, Returnable Options and Discounts

pWhile connecting to your previous customers, you want to go to them with an attractive offer to capture their attention. GoWebBaby Expert’s E-commerce Strategy for Customer Retention:
  • Offer DISCOUNTING when approaching an abandoned cart holder.
  • Provide a temporary credit for purchasing any item on the website for a limited period.

For Example: We appreciate your previous purchase and would like to offer you $20 for your loyalty to our brand. Go for $ values over percentile discounts.

e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention - offer

7. R’s to target: Product, Place, Customer and Timing

Knowledge about customer is a treasure unknown to e-commerce website owners. Discover the type of product, i.e. consumable, perishable, life-time, degrading, etc. GoWebBaby Expert’s E-commerce Strategy for Customer Retention: On the basis of your product target your customer with an appropriate offer at the right placement with a perfectly timed email. For example: On prior purchase of hair care product like conditioner, offer special combo of branded shampoo and conditioners, with a free gift card for hairstyling offer around them.

e-commerce Strategies for Customer Retention - combo deals

To conclude with you have the top recommendations from e-commerce major, GoWebBaby Expert’s for re-targeting your online customers. Start now and pen down higher profits.

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