5 Qualities of Highly Effective eCommerce Website Owners

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Over the years I have met many successful e-commerce site owners in many conferences and via local contacts. I inference that all of them were very similar in their way of thinking. I had countless conversations , dinners and phone calls with them from which I came to a conclusion that there are traits which all successful e-commerce site owner have. Here are some of the traits for highly effective eCommerce site owners :-

1.They are ardent about the customer experience 

All the successful e-commerce websites deliver the best customer experience because their owners are always ardent about their experience. It is a known fact that e-commerce store owners cannot directly interact with their  buyers, unlike brick-and-mortar business owners.There are ways to get new customers online, but via internet also e-commerce store owners do not interact with directly with their buyers. Guidance and assistance cannot be directly given to you the way as you’re shopping. In this way eCommerce site owners differ from traditional business owners. They mainly focus on :-

  • A user-friendly and a beautiful website.
  • A secure and easy checkout system.
  • A return policy with no hassle.
  • Important follow-up emails which people wish  to read.

2.They are good story tellers 

Reading and listening to stories are always loved by the individuals. If you have the passion about your business and you are willing to deliver the best customer experience then you will naturally share stories about it where  people can be  related. Here are some ideas where  you can deliver your stories :-

  • Share how and why you started your business.
  • Talk about the benefits of your product and how it will put this on the product page.
  • Make  a video version that will address all the commonly asked questions.

3.They are always obsessed with the metrics 

There is an old adage which says :- “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” It especially applies to e-commerce stores. For growing your online business you must know your metrics. There are some key indicators which reveal that how healthy your business is :-

  • Average daily / monthly sales
  • Conversation rate
  • Average number of visits before purchase
  • Repeat purchase rate
  • Refund rate
  • Average order value

4.They are always experimenters 

A successful e-commerce website owner is responsible for testing the different parts of their website for improving conversions and generating the sales.They perform experiments with the different eCommerce web designs.This can become a long life process of your life once you get into the habit of testing assumptions and ideas.There are many things to be tested but follow these suggestions which will affect your bottom line right away.

  • Checkout page template
  • Up-selling before or after purchase
  • Category and Product page templates
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Testimonials

5.They  seek feedback from their customers with full of enthusiasm

Talking to your customers is the best way to find out that what is successful about your online business. Try to make the conversation with those who spent their hard earned money on one of your products. They can give you the best feedback because they want you to get success in your business by writing effective product descriptions on their website. It is because they trust you with their money. Calling them is a better option than sending them an email. It can be more personal as you can build a connection with your customer. Here are some suggestions for taking feedback :-

  • What is one thing we can do better ?
  • Are you satisfied  with your purchase ? Is there anything we can do to make you even happier ?
  • How was your experience shopping on our website ?
  • What is the one thing we should never stop doing ?
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