6 Great Tips for Enhancing Online Sales

6 Great Tips for Enhancing Online Sales - GoWebBaby.Com
Are you looking for the ways to increase your online sales? Well if yes, then here are some of the best tips that will truly help you boost sales and increase traffic.

1. Call to actions

Call to actions (such as buy now, contact us or click here) are good words to use to stimulate your users and make them do something. These come in a variety of formats, but usually the most common is "add to basket" or "buy now". As retail becomes more in sync with the online world business owners are now looking at ways they can monetise websites. An example of this is an online retailer like Abercrombie and Fitch. They use strong call to actions and vivid imagery to depict the brand.

2. Simple forms

Not all websites have e-commerce functionality, so having a form with simple fields such as; name, email and a comments box allows users to drop their information into it and send a message to you (whether its an enquiry, a comment or simple signing up for a brochure).

3. Contact us page

Make sure you have a clean and tidy contact us page which allows users to easily submit their information to you and even check things like your address, phone number or email address. By doing this you are putting the users in control of their own behaviour and providing a point of reference for them to contact you, should they so wish.

4. Pricing & delivery discounts

If customers are buying online then you may wish to offer an online discount only code next time they come back. Alternatively, you could offer a discount code for repeat customers; whether it's on delivery or 10% off. Stimulate your users to come back and share the brand message wiht their friends. This way you can eaily increase your website conversion rate.

5. A/B Testing

All expert online marketers wishing to improve their website conversion rate and increase their online sales must understand A/B testing. Put simply, A/B testing is a simple test whereby 2 adverts, or landing pages are created and compared against each other. This allows marketers to understand the driving forces behind why a page or advert has a noticeable impact on users. By testing we can see where users engage, convert and at which touchpoint they enter the sales funnel.

6. Improve your content

By writing substantial content which is in-depth in nature, full of imagery, tagged and categorised properly, structured and formatted with headings and contains targeted keywords you can improve your content marketing strategy within a few weeks. By doing this you will captivated your audience and see an increase in ranks on major search engines.

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