Amazon Now Introducing Anticipatory Package Shipping

Before you place your order, Amazon will ship the products earlier at your nearby location. Sounds interesting???? Yes, it is absolutely correct that now Amazon will plan to ship their products before the buyers or customers purchase them. As per the US patent of December, amazon launches an anticipatory package shipping that facilitates Amazon to initiate the delivery procedure before a customer clicks ‘purchase’ on the website.

Amazon Anticipatory Package Shipping

What is Anticipatory Package Shipping???

Anticipatory package shipping is a service that keeps track of various point of data to determine the probability of customer buying a product. The predicted packages will then be shipped to centers that are close to the customers who are considering the purchase, reports Digital Trends. The anticipatory package shipping is a just a kind of prediction that is made by Amazon. This prediction use a number of signals to envisage buying behaviors, such as search history, order history, shopping cart products, length of time spent by the users on the particular pages of Amazon and many more things.

Why Amazon introduces Anticipatory Package Shipping???

According to the patent document, Amazon thought that delays between ordering and delivering purchases might discourage buyers from purchasing items from online merchants. That is the reason, Amazon decides to ship the products before the buyers make an order. This is not the first ground-breaking way to speed up the delivery of Amazon. In last few years, the CEO of Amazon said Amazon was experimenting with drone delivery services to get products delivered to customers in less than 30 minutes.

Now No Need to Worry For the Delivery of Products

With the perspective of customers, this approach is outstanding as they now no longer have to wait for the products that they order from Amazon. After placing an order, they will get the delivery of the products in very short interval of time. Therefore now with Amazon just place the order and get it delivered shortly means buying products is now becomes a process at your fingertips with just few clicks of your mouse. To put it briefly, Amazon now want to simplify its shipping procedure and provide easiness to their customers with Anticipatory package shipping. With this approach, Amazon will surely take the online buying procedure to the “Next label”.

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