Amazon Webstore And UPC Number Requirement

Amazon Webstore UPC Number

There is a little difference in selling products on Amazon Webstore and Marketplace.

UPC or EAN code of your products will not be required if you are planning to sell your products only on Amazon Webstore. Just for example one-of-a-kind products like custom jewelry having a unique

identity can be listed without a UPC or EAN code so that the product can appear on your Web store and made available for its purchase.

But if the same product is planned to be sold on Marketplace then there is a requirement of UPCs.

The above rules are valid to a certain extent but must not be considered permanent as there are some

exceptions to these rules :-
  1. Jewelry – For the products of this category of ornaments there is no need for UPC/EAN.
  2. Hand crafted items – They can be considered in EVERYTHING ELSE CATEGORY when offered on Amazon and for them there is no need for UPC/EAN.

In order to purchase your own UPC if necessary , then search the keyword “UPC for Amazon” on any search engine and find the relevant that you needed.

And at the last sellers for UPC exemption on some product lines on Amazon will be provided by us but condition is that there must be a reason to justify.

For any queries feel free to contact us.

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