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Until five years ago Social  Media Networking websites were  a  novelty  and in the present scenario , these websites are no longer debated around the dinner party table. With a arresting  level of attention occurring online , process-based web applications and service-driven companies have been developed to take the  place of the traditional software. The success of mobile internet isn’t entirely down to the ambitions of Web 2.0 companies . For the prevalence of mobile internet we have the technology. The ancient black and white internet is accessible on the  mobile phones , it is not probable that they will be  giving thanks to the software developers alone for making the mobile internet access. But yet there are many growing faces of the  mobile internet , especially for the commercial web businesses and profit driven online companies. With the success of the Facebook's  mobile platform, YouTube’s iPhone-friendly mobile application and the mobile popularity of Twitter  many designers believe that they need to make their web presence accessible by phone.

 Does your website aim at mobile user ?

It is a well known fact that some web applications are aimed at the mobile users but many are not aimed. Twitter and Facebook have scored growth in the mobile users because their platforms are greater towards what mobile devices perform : help people to communicate. There is no surprise  in the popularity of social websites which are on the move. The eCommerce website traffic is directly related to the  social websites. According to the figures Facebook estimates that over 25 percent of their traffic come from the mobile users and these mobile users are more active that PC based users. But the problem comes in the fact that many websites and online businesses are not driven by more general page views.

 Non Social Mobile Websites and Advertising Performance

A company has a clear idea  of what to take to dominate the marketing and mobile advertising.But it is an interesting fact that the sample advertisements  which was released for aid were the same big-brand advertising  that we have grown used to see on the social websites.  Best Buy , Nike and Pixar can easily afford the commercial power and the distribution network which is required for the effective brand focused advertising. The advertising for the service businesses , action-driven advertising and the direct response products  which are common on the websites and independent blogs are not as effective  when transferred to the small mobile screen.

 What about eCommerce websites?

For the sales driven website, the value of the mobile design is a little trickier to judge. A successful eCommerce website can be made by many ways.  The major eCommerce websites like giant Amazon  are available at the mobile page in one or the other form. All the  functionality is intact  in the Amazon's case . User's can easily order products , can buy MP3s and other digital media and can add items to their wish list . But the  Mobile Payment Service (MPS) of Amazon  has been available since October 2009. The browser of phone  has been in existence from the halfway through the last decade which left many websites  short for mobile-focused payment options right from the start . For small sales-focused websites it is really difficult to determine  the value of mobile design . E-commerce tycoons are most hesitant  to the release information on the shopping platforms of their mobile  because of the edge it could provide for competition . The eCommerce design which is largely unaccommodating to mobile users  appears as if the  mobile sales don’t account for a large percentage of online orders. Focusing on the  direct respondent advertisers , generally some of the most profitable marketers on the internet may come to the conclusion that mobile commerce is even  more difficult pill to swallow. They struck for a difficult goal just like Amazon , which try to convince the users to buy who are away from the luxury  of  psychological security of their PC.

Does there any need of the mobile version of website?

Unless you are the owner of the social website, web property focusing

sheer content and big-brand advertising or a popular entertainment blog , the answer might be most probably “no”. With a  fraction of mobile users reaching further than the social web , it is not probable that sales-driven online presence  and content rich websites will even be displayed on the mobile browser which is much less seen with an interest in purchasing and advertising. There is one exception and it is in the world of  mobile and technology . A mobile version of your website might  be a worthwhile investment, if your business depends on  being able to demonstrate a command of technology. If you are a designer and you frequently make  the  mobile web design projects , your  mobile-focused website can serve as a quick demonstration of your abilities of the prospective clients. Effective web design doesn't mean about providing and indulging for the every possible visitor as much as we may wish. If you are seeking a website with a clear commercial focus whether it is sales-driven or advertising-support , focus on the  majority of your site visitors.

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