Do more-for less-with a custom-made solution incorporated in Amazon services


Amazon Webstore is a stand-alone ecommerce platform that incorporates effortlessly with the complete Amazon Services portfolio to offer a complete set of ecommerce functionality and features in a single solution. Utilize Fulfillment by Amazon to provide your clienteles with a topnotch shipping experience, offer Amazon Prime shipping, or promote your products by making use of Amazon Product Ads—you choose where to emphasis your resources and efforts and where to let Amazon's suite of cost-effectual services do the work for you. The integrated solutions and services of Amazon are:

Integration with Selling on Amazon

Aid reach more customers by offering products on your own webstore and on Integration of your Amazon Webstore with provides you benefits, such as:

  • List your products with a single click
  • Maintains both channels with a solitary interface
  • Do not concern about managing inventory synced
  • List your products in over twenty categories
  • Leverage your association with one of the world’s most trusted brands
  • Get the best of both worlds

Integration with Fulfilment by Amazon

Let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders, so you can concentrate on sourcing With Fulfilment by Amazon, you get following advantages:

  • Enhanced operational productivities
  • Unbeatable functioning scalability
  • Shared interface
  • Associated management and reporting
  • Offer Amazon Prime on Your Site

Integration with Amazon Product Ads

Drive traffic to your site with cost-effective pay-per-click advertising. The Amazon product ads facilitates you to:

  • Shoppers see your ads on
  • Pay-per-click model
  • Upload your products with a single click
  • Curate your product selection
  • Get started with $125 in free clicks

Amazon Prime—on your site

Help drive conversions and build brand loyalty with Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping What you have to know about Amazon Prime on your website:

  • Your consumers will receive FREE Two-Day Shipping on products that meet the requirements of Amazon Prime—which can have a considerable influence on augmenting your conversion.
  • Works together with Amazon-branded checkout and Fulfillment by Amazon empowered on your website. When consumers purchase from your website by making use of their Amazon credentials, they can be eligible for Prime benefits.
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