How Secured Ecommerce Website Can Boost Your Sales?

A study conducted recently revealed that around 20% of customers leave their shopping cart in the past because they were concerned about the website’s security. There are many threats and cyber crimes which are increasing and becoming more professional. Developing a safe and secure website has became very important. For a customer purchasing anything online involves trust towards the merchant. First time buyers are more critical in this case as regular customers has certain degree of established trust.

Why is this a Problem (vulnerabilities)?

Let us have a look at the compromising issues that may affect your store adversely.

  • SQL Injection:This method is common to insert and retrieve data from databases. Companies that are keeping information about credit card inside their system are more vulnerable.
  • Price manipulation: This is a big problem with stores having high traffic. With numerous orders it may not get noticed if a customer gets something on one fourth of its orignal price. This trick can be used in shopping cart platforms for payment gateways.
  • Cross site scripting:This method adds code to try for example the user’s cookie, belongings are the session ID and other sensitive information.
Secured Ecommerce Website So what can be done to

improve confidence in your e-store

, so that a new customers may not feel hesitant/ insecure. What can be done to prevent your customers from the above mentioned troubles. The following actions may help you to achieve your objective.

Use a service

It is always recommended to use a service like 'buysafe' or McAfee secure. Promotion of your website with such a service increase customer's trust level. Buyer will see these logos to recognize about security measures your website is equipped. Such a service can definitely boost sales conversion by more than 10 percent. The logo's of services like Verisign Trust Seal's remains visible search engines listings. Visitors decide on search engine results about where they are about to click. Two of the well known services to avoid 'distributed denial of service' attack are Dotdefender and Jitscale.


A secure connection for the whole data that which is being transferred both ways is absolutely helpful. This not only assures the secure data transfer via this secure connection but also lets users to view and understand this. The reason customers will recognize it is because modern browsers display it very clearly that “you are being redirected to a secure connection”. There are plenty of SSL suppliers that offer you with a financial warranty.

Stay Current with Softwares

On which solution your web store is running? There is an alert that popular solutions are more interesting to hackers. Often we see that whenever security issues with any popular ecommerce solution are revealed they are rectified quickly. So whatever platform you are using always keep your software updated. Magento is a well known ecommerce solution. Magento offers highest level security but still security fixes required at some point of times.

Check your ISP

What measures does your ISP takes to make sure your store remains safe. ISP’s may use security solutions like Host based Intrusion-Detection System and Web-Application Firewall. Here your visitors may never come to know about the measures, however it is definitely a important to ask such a critical questions to your ISP.

Build Reputation with Obvious Things :

For some customers trust is not dependent upon the type of security website is using. Lots of visitors will or will not trust you based on some of the apparent things. Displaying your e-store's physical address, contact number. Social proof and reviews are very important. If such reviews are not real then visitors can judge them this will work against your reputation. There are far more things that you can do to improve the trust level of your online store of course. As I have mentioned above there are lot of combinations that will be visible for your visitors. Indeed the the real security you have to do in the background. So what is your opinion? Does your regular or ecommerce website ever hacked or seen a website (where you have made a purchase in past)? Do you agree that conversion rate is affected by visual appearance of security on your website?

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