How to Have a Successful Amazon Store

Amazon Webstore success stories

The truth is Amazon has opened up the world of entrepreneurship to many people who would not even know where to begin. Couple that with the fact the online outlet gives existing stores a way to expand their market share and their customer base and you have taken away the trouble with local trade. There are a number of success stories that showcase how to launch and keep a successful Amazon store. OKA b., Inventory Management OKA b. not only was able to expand by utilizing Amazon stores but in addition it was a way to track and better handle inventory. In order to run a successful store you need to be able to capitalize on your space and stock what you truly need. Amazon allows you to track your orders and trends so you can move away from products that aren’t selling to those that are more interesting to buyers. By making your inventory match the demand you save on space, you lower your overhead and you increase your profits. It is a win-win. Past Generation Toys, Keeping Your Customers Happy Moving from a third party eCommerce site to Amazon change the way that Past Generation Toys could interface with customers. This led to happier customers and a 100% customer satisfaction rating over a four-year period. Keeping your customers happy not only keeps them coming back for more, but encourages them to spread the word about your little store. On the web there are no limitations as to who they can share the information with, so you watch your store grow by leaps and bounds. LaPrima Shops, Prices Matter LaPrima sells specialized kitchen wares and one of the most important factors is pricing. You need to be able to check the prices, what is selling and adjust accordingly. Other online options were always a problem, as the prices did not necessarily sync across all the shops we were trying to run. Amazon shops sync with the prices updated immediately. That means the customer always finds the special price that is advertised and you don’t have walk away business out of frustration. It has made the email marketing of LaPrima much more effective and their sales have increased exponentially. My Love Group, Showcase Quality This little jewelry store is all about quality so when competing with the bargain basement pricing out there the store needed a way to showcase the uniqueness of the product and prove the importance behind the price. Amazon stores allowed the My Love Group to reach out further and put up more images so the viewer could really see the quality they were getting. Mix that with the ratings and the positive reviews and they went from zero to six-figure sales in just three months. You need to show shoppers your quality, what makes your product unique. Once you have them hooked, they will keep coming back. Okabashi, Ease of Checkout Okabashi had dealt with other online options before but the truth was the checkout basket always got muddled. There is nothing more frustrating to a shopper than getting to the end and discovering the purchase cannot be completed. By working with the Amazon store there has never been a problem processing sales. They have more payment options and it makes it easy for the customer each and every time. Make sure you simplify things on your site so everything is easy to add to the basket and basket review runs smoothly. You don’t want to lose a sale at the last step.

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