How to Increase Sales & Traffic with Mobile Ecommerce?

How to Increase Sales & Traffic with Mobile Ecommerce? - GoWebBaby.Com

When it comes to the growth and development of the online retail sector, mobile devices are a central player. Tablets and mobile phones have replaced traditional desktop computers and they are widely being used for making purchases on the go. And this is partially due to the fact that various ecommerce giants like Amazon, Target, and eBay have invested heavily in the development of mobile ecommerce applications making it easy for users to make purchases anytime, anywhere.

Reports published by Pew Internet and American Life Project state that nine out of ten Americans own mobile devices. Out of which 55-58% use smartphones. Over half of the US population can make an online purchase anytime during the day.

Around 34% of the American adult population owns tablet computers which means that one out of three adults in the US own tablet computers. The tablet ownership has nearly doubled between April 2012 and May 2013.

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Projected reports by eMarketer predict that retail ecommerce holiday sales in the US will increase by 15% this year. This upcoming US holiday season retail ecommerce sales are expected reach $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion last year.

The numbers clearly state the reach of mobile ecommerce applications. However not all mobile ecommerce apps turn out to be successful. To ensure that you are able to grab customer attention and make the most of your application, here are some points for your consideration.

Clutter Free Application

To achieve mobile success the most important step is to build a neat and clean app. Mobile ecommerce apps should be considered a different entity than web based application or traditional software and must be designed carefully with those facts in mind.

Mobile and tablet screens are small which is why it is crucial to ensure that you display only the most important information. On top of offering needed information, focus on making it easy for users to browse the app. Use simple yet attractive call to action buttons as and where required.

Once you have rolled out the application study the traffic report and user behavior. Analyzing and tracking the manner in which users browse your apps can be very insightful. This information can be used for design and development strategies to enhance the appearance and credibility of laggard pages.

Coupons and Exclusive Offers

To increase sales retailers should provide attractive offers and discount coupons exclusively for purchases made via mobile app. Increasing notoriety and reasons for engagement increases the overall traffic to mobile apps. Once a user is sold on the idea of making purchases through the app they can become hooked.

Idea and Suggestions

Customers want to be pampered and feel special. Organizing contests, asking for suggestions, and actively seeking ways to improve an application is a great way to tell customers they are valued. Implementing these techniques will increase your customer loyalty by multiple folds.

Generate Trust

If customers trust a brand, they will be more likely to purchase. Trust is by far the most important factor be it online or offline shopping. Be sure to address customer concerns and provide enough detail about products. Attention to detail is the only way a user will be able to trust a retailer.

Mobile ecommerce grants businesses the power to reach more people and extend sales from boundaries of a nation to the world.

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