Online Payment Options

Online Payment Options

There are a lot of options to accept online payment, it not only include just bank transfer or money order. In this article I will explore a few portals to send and receive payment online.


Paypal is the most popular payment channel. It facilitates you to send and receive payment from anyone with an email address. Merchants can also accept credit card online with their Paypal API gateway. For accepting payment from your website, use the “buy now” button code accessible from the merchant tools. This will work for any page with HTML support. PayPal also provides buyer protection and seller protection schemes. In practice, buyers frequently win in case of declarations with the sellers. But the procedure takes quiet a long time. It is best to speak with the seller first before conveying the case to PayPal.


AlertPay works more or less like PayPal only, and it supports payment transaction online with email address. Its popularity is more in referral business. Before stating to use Alert Pay your account will b verified with credit card or bank. This is done to kill the possibilities of scams.

Google Checkout

There are almost no places without Google penetration. Now payment process even has become their business interest. Google checkout has been in the market for years, but it only allows merchant signups for specific countries (mainly for USA). Shoppers from most of the places register here for free. In spite of this, eBay considers the payment gateway as “immature” and refuses to accept it.


In 2Checkout payment can be accepted without having you your prospects to sign up for any payment accounts. CO is a very reputable company established since 2000. You can undoubtedly trust their merchant services. works similar to 2Checkout, allocating merchants to accept credit card online payment. There are also supplementary premium packages such as fraud detection suite and recurring billing options.

Choosing a suitable ecommerce payment gateway

Deciding about which a payment gateway to opt will depend on your site scale and commercial needs. For simplicity, PayPal is sufficient for general payment needs. It is well-matched with many ecommerce platforms such as zen-cart and oscommerce. When you have a need of a more secured gateway with superior features, you can then include other payment options as you see fit.

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