Practical Guide To Register eCommerce Website Trademark

We have already showed you some of the best ecommerce website designs from our collection that were loaded with attractive Trademarks. Today we will discuss about the same important part of your business that is logo or trademarks. Does your eCommerce business needs a trademark? It is very important to protect your online reputation and gaining customer's trust. In United States it is simply effortless to get trademarks for products and service-mark for services.

Website Trademark

In fact, you can do it in just three steps or less. The trademarking process starts with the following:

  • 1. Finding out whether your brand is eligible for logos or trademarks.
  • 2. Understanding the level of protection required for your business.
  • 3. Then finally getting a trademark from authorities in U.S.A. i.e. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Let us discuss more about trademarks :

Basic question first - What is a Trademark?

As per the U.S. patent and trademark department: “Trademark could include a word, name, symbol, or design. A Trademark could also use the combination of above mentioned aspects. Used in any type of Commerce to determine and differentiate goods or services from other similar entities”. Mainly there are two classes of a trademark : Registered and Unregistered.

Unregistered Trademark:

This kind of trademarks can be used by a business, provided it is entitled to get trademark. In order to identify an unregistered trademark, business owners can simply place the trademark symbol (™) along with their brand names, advertising tag line or even a picture.

Registered Trademark:

This kind of trademark is accepted on the U.S. Principal Register that could offer a few more benefits over an unregistered one. Registered trademark offers legal coverage for ownership which is important in case of any dispute. Not just this you can extend the trademark to international locations The symbol used with Registered U.S. trademarks is (®). Now the big question arises How to get a Trademark? The whole process to trademarking your business's name and takes just fifteen minutes or less for in case of unregistered trademark and an hour with registered trademark. Both categories have 2 common steps:

1. Make sure that your Business is eligible for getting a Trademark

Before using a brand name or slogan, it is important to understand whether your business name is eligible for trademarking in United States or not.

2. Adding an Unregistered Trademark

Now if you have made sure your business trademark is under eligible list and there are no similar trademarks already for the same business domain, you are free to use it.

3. Adding a Registered Trademark

Now this step is for registered trademark for your eCommerce store, as you can get it after filling an online application called the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). This application system includes various forms from initial application to detailed categorization of your business where it falls. As many online eCommerce websites opt class 035 depending upon the category of their eBusiness. Your logo plays an important role in creating impression on visitors mind. So as your website's design. To know more about Essentials of attractive web design click here.

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