Recommendation Marketing : Next Foundation of Ecommerce

Recommendation Marketing: Next Foundation of Ecommerce

The social media and web 2.0 have improved the web in the past few years. We all are now connected more than ever before. However one aspect of the social media is fundamentally changing the way we behave online, and requires you to change the plans of marketing.

Our friend circle is our filter:-

It is a well known fact that 6 hours per month is spent by an average American on Facebook. During this time thousands of post and comments are encountered by him. To cope with the constant flow of information, strong filters have been developed. The effectiveness of many online marketing tactics has been decreased by these filters. One of the best ways we have of filtering is to turn the people we generally trust the most. For making decisions the trust factor is most important especially for the online purchase decisions. According to a study of 2011, 92% of consumers completely trust or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know. On the other hand 53% of the participants said that they do not trust the advertisements on television and nearly 70% do not trust the advertisements on the mobile phones. Hence, by leveraging user-generated content, customers can be won over the increasingly socialized internet.

Recommendation marketing will become the base for e-commerce marketing:-

Online marketers will create strategies with social at their core, if this is speculated that the web will continue to become more and more social and every popular web- or mobile-based service now integrates itself deeply with social. If social becomes the base of all the ecommerce marketing activities then recommendation marketing will become the dominant focus in the e-commerce space.

How to use recommendation marketing?

For using recommendation marketing few things can be done by you to get ahead of your competition:

Social reviews

For SEO and improving the conversion, product reviews are incredibly important. But to get the full impact from all those reviews, they must be shared. Great reviews must be shared if you get it on your business’s social media presence, especially with your Twitter account and on your Facebook pages. This will drive new qualified traffic and will result more sales.


To establish a bigger online presence, a strong visual branding which is common in all the marketing activities can help you out. It will strengthen all the recommendations of the products, company or service.

Track the results after making it easy for others to share:-

The easiest way to start the recommendation marketing is by enabling your fans to easily share their favorite products and their product description. The issue is that most businesses embed sharing buttons and afterwards they forget them. Some time must be spent in tracking the effectiveness of the share buttons and testing different designs and layouts for finding what works best. Hence for building your online communities, increasing your sales and strengthening your brands via recommendation marketing, the above tips must be followed.
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