Revamp website designs to boost ecommerce sales for New Year Purchases

Revamp website designs to boost ecommerce sales for New Year Purchases - GoWebBaby.Com

The primary aim of designing a good looking website is painless purchasing with quick browsing. In order to increase customer engagement and capturing higher portion of New Year purchases market potential.

GoWebBaby brings you TOP 4 ECOMMERCE designing changes to boost your ecommerce conversion rate preparing for New Year purchases. With proper execution you can boost your website’s view resulting in higher ecommerce conversion rate and sales.

Simplifying with Flat design

flat design

Idealized example of Apple’s ecommerce website preaches flat and simple designing. Google and Microsoft make it clear that flat designs are dominating view of market. It is a growing trend in the market which will dominate designing in 2015.

  • Subtle view created with flat designs highlight content and reduce bounce rate of the website.
  • Skeuomorphism designing is in vogue.
  • Call to Action button should quote, “Click Me!” not beg and yell, “I am a featured cartoon”.
  • Less is more concept will dominate ecommerce designing while going bold while cancelling dropdown shadow
  • Higher concentration on Product rather than background will increase ecommerce conversion rate.

Tempting views with Transitions using Micro UX


Ecommerce visitors should enjoy their experience at your website. How can you make your website look fun and still keep highlighting content? Here are some tips which will optimize your website to increase fun variable to revamp ecommerce conversion rate.

  • Devil stays in the details of your fun looking features
  • Add fun looking button which are likely to increase click-through rates and provide more exposure to your ecommerce business line
  • Animation and micro transitions surprise your visitor delighting his/her day
  • Micro UX effect create a memory repeating website visits and promotion purchases
  • Offer variety of personalizing effects like change color, animation options, and others
  • Use Large sized good quality of Images

Dominate Images over Text Boxes


Tiling is important in the era of ecommerce website views. It is time to move away from text box dominated designing to images. Images capture attention and have higher memory retention by human brain. Targeting the right part of your customer needs requires use of high quality original product images. Here are some of the modification to start you off with for increasing your ecommerce conversion during the festive season.

  • High resolution image on your homepage and product pages
  • Clicks on images rather than text
  • Create a recreation on your ecommerce website
  • Draw attention to quality content supporting it with images

Bridge the gap between devices using Responsive designing

Responsive website

The era of creating apps and special mobile web pages for your website is outdating. Use responsive design of websites to define functionalities which allow users to experience SEAMLESS Shopping. The concept is also known as DEVICE AGNOSTIC.

  • Allow variable screen resolutions on the same website stabilizing experience of your ecommerce website.
  • Remove inappropriate buttons
  • Responsiveness avoids users’ frustration by pinching and focusing on screen
  • Quickly adapting and interactive ecommerce website portal is essential for increasing ecommerce conversion rate.

You can increase your ecommerce sales by planning your strategy ahead of Holiday's. Here is how can you increase your ecommerce conversion rate and sales in festive season.

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