Top 5 Ecommerce Software Platforms For Small Business

Are you looking for your business expansion and get an ecommerce website for it? At low investment you can easily add Ecommerce to your business website and reach new customers. Here are five of the best choices as you plan to invest in software for eCommerce. This can grow over your small business or startups.

1. Shopify: Advanced SEO and Analytics

Shopify hosted eCommerce allows you to select template, optimize design, product update/ rearrangement and to create blog posts from a single administrative dashboard. Shopify features in-build mobile commerce an iPhone app and mobile storefront. Other important features include Marketing tools for SEO and coupon codes to sell products.  Shopify also integrates with Google Analytics; which allows merchants to automatically track customer purchases and shopping cart transactions linked with Google Analytics data. It also has a in-built analytics to measure store performance and track ecommerce ROI. More Details about Shopify >>

2. Big Commerce: Real-Time eBay Integration

Big Commerce platform is one of the best choices for a small business that seeks to begin with an online store and maintain an eBay business. Big Commerce has enough dimensions for hosting, SEO, store design, mobile commerce, marketing and inventory. On the top of it you may also integrate your online Web store with eBay listings. A merchant just needs to select amongst the products to list in eBay. Just create an eBay listing template with custom eBay shipping. Now inventory remains synced between your online store and eBay. Big Commerce has simple wizards to create coupons along with percentage based discounts on their order. More Details about Bigcommerce >>

3. Ability Commerce: Amazon Channel Feed

The Ability Commerce set includes mobile friendly variant of web stores and tools to incorporate your order management system (OMS) and accounting system altogether. This ecommerce platform includes the 'SmartSite content manager'. This manger requires very less programming skills to update store promotion, prices, images and products. Another very important feature of Ability Commerce is Channel Feed service which allows products management on Amazon. As you update the inventory to sell on Amazon, Ability Commerce's amazon experts will monitor the products daily in order to position your products better, motivate buyers and, increase sales.

4. Intuit Ecommerce: The Merchant Account

Intuit's ecommerce offers a simple point and click layout which lets easy to create and publish store. With Intuit Websites, you will get everything that is required to design and establish your online store. This whole package includes domain name, hosting, the SimpleStore ecommerce software, a website builder tool as well as online payments from Intuit merchant accounts.  The merchant account is simply an important and bigger feature. It lets small businesses to move beyond offering basic PayPal payments at checkouts. Intuit websites also has Facebook extension which lets merchants to create a store a Facebook Business Page that remain synchronized with store inventory.

5. Vendio: Automated Selling on Amazon, EBay and Facebook

This platform is more focused on automation. Vendio ecommerce software saves you time with tools to put products on Facebook, eBay and Amazon for your own online Web store. Merchants just need to list their products once and those product get published at the same time on above mentioned marketplaces. Vendio features includes management system for orders, inventory, sales management. The shopping cart has advanced features along with analytics reporting. Vendio e-Stores offer business owners an important marketing features that includes Google Analytics and built-in analytics. Vendio powered ecommerce stores are optimized for mobile devices also. The Pricing of all the above mentioned ecommerce platforms varies as per the business requirements and features required.

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