Top 7 Ways To Improve Conversion of Your Ecommerce Store

ecommerce store conversions

A well optimized ecommerce store can mange substantially large number of clients, however let’s say that you manage a great eCommerce store with well segmented products. Probably a visitor to your site is because they need something special that can not get on any other leading web-store. So you are able to pull customers however the conversion rate is less, so the big question is what is going wrong? You do not want to spend a fortune as your budget is lower and still looking to boost the conversion. The answer to your question is – there are simpler ways Here are seven important cost effective ways to accomplish more conversions.

1. Include a Phone Number

Although your storefront exists in digital land, however customer service is required to appear more real. This means displaying a phone number on your ecommerce website, even if you limit the hours you are accepting the calls to a lesser time. Its better to publish your address to build confidence. From a customer's point of view the higher your cost, the more is the risk and the more a little detail like a phone number can affect confidence. If there is no phone number to call and verify the authenticity of the store. These consequence leads to lack of customer confidence, which may result in low conversion rate.

2. Accept variety of Credit Cards and Debit Cards

If a site that does not accept credit/ debit, which give your customers a layer of protection i.e. offering them a way of getting their money back in case of any unexpected event. It may be obvious to some, but if you don’t accept credit cards, and only accept paypal or Western Union or worse like certified checks/ demand drafts, then customers will not trust your site. Call it unfair. Based on their past experiences customers do associate several payment methods with scams. So it not a good idea to give them an option about developing any doubt.

3. Get Reviews or Testimonials

External reviews build  and improve confidence. Try to get reviews on  famous websites like Yelp, Google, Better Business Bureau page etc. However, if you display a business physical location on you website, these reviews get listed on your location on map.

4. Social Media Presence

Getting a healthy social media present implies a legitimate business activity. Maintain your social media channels, like twitter, Facebook, and others platforms visible on your website not to mention keep them active. Do all the activities to keep customers engaged, give feedbacks to build positivity about your e-store.

5. FAQ and Policy Pages

Customers do have queries about charges, returns, warranties, shipping and all sort of other inquires. People do ask same questions, again and again. Save their time putting up a page with  easy navigation CMS page with information they might seek.

6. Professional Looking Website

Consider a real time store ! Will you ever go to shop to a place with an unpleasant smell , unsystematic arrangement and rude sales person ?  I am sure you will not, you will not eve browse the products for longer time even if you enter such a place for something cheap. Similarly a professional looking eCommerce site do wonders for building customer confidence. A well-designed website affects customer confidence and creates a long lasting good impression.

7. About Us Page

Call this page anything “Our Company , Our History” or simply “About Us”, putting up this page having a shows that you have been in the business  for a while and you are very well aware to take care of your customers. It also helps to build brand identity and makes you stand out from competition. According to research by a leading company, visitors who visit “About Us” are more likely to make a purchase than those that didn’t. These visitors spent more on their purchases. So there you go Seven low hanging fruits, all ready and ripe for picking. If you have any ways that I did not mentioned here then feel free to suggest a few !

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