Transforming Your WordPress Blog into an eCommerce Site

The most popular blog tool and known platform WordPress can do much more than a person can actually think. It can be the best launching point for brand new businesses. It is very compatible with a variety of management and customer service plugins, WordPress Blog can rapidly be turned into a genuine money-making machine. eCommerce Plugins Ecommerce plugin is just a starting point for converting your blog into money making business which will provide the required management tools for running a successful operation. These include product placement, checkout services, inventory tracking, shipping options, and so on. Some great eCommerce plugins are:

  • WordPress eCommerce :
  • It is one of the more popular selects on WordPress, it is very simple and generates many features to run an online business. It is well-suited with payment systems like PayPal and Google Checkout, and presents plenty of design customizations.

  • Shopp :
  • This is the easiest plugin feature that can engage in everything from shipping methods to tracking sales. Throughout Shopp, orders can be effortlessly transferred to QuickBooks for easy accounting. eCommerce Themes: In combination with the eCommerce plugins there are many other themes for eCommerce. Themes not only modify the design and look of your blog into an online store but also come up with new functionality. Ecommerce theme provides customer with the common shopping experience they are used to while buying online. The figure of eCommerce themes available is huge, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Crafty Cart
  • This is free and easy theme and is compatible with many eCommerce

  • SimpleCart
  • A very common child theme for the Up themes framework for WordPress themes.

  • Market Theme
  • It’s a premium theme; Market Theme is customizable and features a simple navigable interface. With a few basic online tools, transforming from blogger to entrepreneur is just a few clicks away!!!

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