10 Strategies for Sticking to Your Small Business Resolutions

10 Strategies for Sticking to Your Small Business Resolutions

January is the month when near about all people take some kind of resolutions for their personal as well as professional life. But, only a few will stick to their resolution and complete it entirely. In personal life, you can forget the resolution but in professional life, if you stick to your resolution, you will get a lot of benefits.

Now, you are thinking how to stick to your resolution while managing your other works? Don’t worry! I will help you out. Here is the list of 10 strategies that will help you to stick to your small business resolutions:-

1) Define Success

Make your resolution meaningful and measurable. Just define the things that will lead to the success of your small business. Start with the small things and then continue your work to finally get a proper way to success.

2) Break it Up

Best way to stick to your resolution is to break it in small-small parts. If your resolution is to resign from your job and start a business in 2016, slice it into smaller steps. Set the goal of January is to set a budget, source product, or set up the basics of your online store. Each month is broken up into convenient tasks that conclude in your December resignation letter.

3) Write it Down

For your resolution, don’t just talk in air. Take a pen and paper or a whiteboard to write down your complete purpose or task. Writing down the resolution will give you a road-map for what to do next. It keeps you on track and helps you track your progress.

4) Use Apps to Stay on Track

There are many apps available on Google play store that will help you achieve your goals in each and every aspect. Some apps are there for cloning yourself, for focus and productivity and for procrastination.

5) Make it a Good Habit

Bad habits are very difficult to break and good habits are hard to form. Make your resolution your good habit to identify what you want to achieve, discover your triggers and obstacles and the way to get over from all issues.

6) Crowdsource your Motivation

There is no 'i' in team! The team concept can be functional to any resolution. Getting others involved in your process provides extra inspiration when your own has run dry and adds a level of accountability. Try getting a mentor or join an online community of entrepreneurs.

7) Stay Energized

Your personal resolutions can support those related to your business. If you’ve added “go to the gym” to your list for 2016, you’re not just helping your physique – your brain will thank you, too. Regular exercise gives you more energy to "get shit done" and more brainpower to make faster, smarter decisions.

8) Treat Yourself

Dinner begets dessert – it’s the oldest motivation trick in the book. I’m employing this tactic right now: if I finish the first draft of this blog today, I will allow myself 20 minutes of Pinterest indulgence.

Bonus: try a “mindful” respite through yoga, adult coloring, or even video games designed for this purpose. Not only can mindful activities reward progress, they can also help with stress and sleep.

9) Walk Hard

Step away from daunting projects and to gain clarity and perspective.

10) Hold Yourself Accountable

To do this, just frame your resolution in concrete actions, keep a chart, join a group, tell people what you are doing and consider combining your strategies.

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