Useful Tips for Optimizing E-commerce website to record higher sales in Holiday Season

Opening a web page is like walking in a store looking for what you want, and your stay there depends on ease with which you find it and further on your interest in other items. So, as an e-commerce website, how can you look more appealing? Keep your website simple and with enough functional options to allow visitors to browse through quickly, and find whatever they need with ease. Some of the key points to update your e-commerce website to hold attention of your customer and record in higher online sales are as follows:

1. Keep Minimal Click buttons in your e-commerce website

It is important to allow users to browse through your collections and select what they like. If your online portal is cluttering with unidentified buttons or clicks on images then it is likely to drive away your audience. It is time to update your website with labelled buttons and implied clicking images or a simple check before linking the visitor to a different is helpful.
Display product details

2. Place tabs at enough distance to enhance visibility

It is important for an e-commerce website to be organized in a logical way to interest everyone, including the brat of the class who indulges in a book when the content holds his/her attention. So, keep a few tabs at appropriate distance and a highlighting color for the selected tab.
tab for enhance visibility

3. Gracefully present your products in prime light keeping additional details in a lower tone of color

While picking out colors for your e-commerce website, the most important consideration is the contrast of the image with the background. You should prioritize the highlights of the web page and accordingly transform its qualities. In product pages, keep the display image in contrasting and soothing color tone and rest everything in lighter views. In content driven pages, keep the font size higher keeping in mind the visibility and user friendly fonts.

4. Differentiate your products on the basis of different categories

When your visitors come to your e-commerce website, it is a chance for you to understand their needs and provide the same. An online shopper who is looking for product for a specific occasion or made up with certain ingredients but is unsure what the right pick is appreciates categorical arrangement of products. Here, your e-commerce website is likely to your customer by simple arranging your collection on the various basis so that it is easier for buyers to pick out the most suited product to their needs.
Differentiate products on different categories

5. Keep the page simple with a standard BUY button

It is important to keep a track of essentials while simplifying your e-commerce portal. Undermine the unrequired information but always highlight a flat designed Add to Cart button to increase your website’s conversion rate.

6. Use minimum 1 and maximum 3 high quality image on your introduction page

While introducing yourself to the targeted audience, explain your working, service provided along with good quality images of your products and firm to establish the first trust link. Try to use a couple of good quality images of every product while displaying them on the canvas of your e-commerce website.

7. Use medium sized images while presenting products

When you are listing products, use medium sized images which allow the user to quickly browse through a glance of image without scrolling down a lot. Proportion of an image used on one display page is essential while a number of images are forming catalogue of products.

8. Give a brief description of the product in bullet points

Whenever you are displaying a product addition of a small detailing bullet points helps buyer know the key qualities of the product. A study discovered that an online shopper is more likely to read bulleted precise points over a paragraph displaying the same information.

9. Balance font size and color on each page keeping the key factor in limelight

Whether it is your product page or introduction or catalogue, you have to change the size of content accordingly and keep the contrast color in display. On one hand, your header page must contain highlighted content while a product page should undermine all other details making the image star player of the page followed by buying options.

Balance font size and color on each page

10. Direct to help page in your e-commerce website

Online shoppers seek help from e-commerce websites for clarification of certain details or wish to inquire about products which are sold out. A good e-commerce website must provide clicks to re-direct the user to contact us or help page where they can find their answers.
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