9 Tips For Writing Effective Product Descriptions

"Writing ineffective product description is a casual mistake on many eCommerce Websites. Sometimes even professionals tend to follow out-of-the-way practices. It's important to stay on the point and write product descriptions that explains to your reader about. So what is wrong with some of the descriptions. Lets go through nine simple and effective ways to impress potential customers and crack sales with your eCommerce website.

1. Concentrate on Perfect Buyer

While writing product description only focus on your targeted set of customers. There is no need to describe your offerings to different set of people. This ultimately leads to addressing none of them. So the best product descriptions is for ideal buyers. Choose words as if you are talking to them only.

2. Provoke with Product advantages

Whenever selling your own products, we are very enthusiast about the features and specifications. We are so much indulged in the features and advantages of our product and offers. The main trouble lies in the fact that the real potential buyers are not actually looking for the flat regular features. Potential buyers actually see for what is it in for them. This is the reason one needs to highlight the advantages of product specifications.

3. Do not Stuff irrelevant Phrases

Whenever we ran out of words we start using monotonous words like “best in the class” product or “great product”. Such phrases are of no use. Does anybody describe their products as lower grade product? So such words are of less use while describing any product. Rather focus on technical specifications (if any) or advantages for the buyers and Be specific.

4. Superlatives Phrases needs Justification

Superlatives Phrases sound irrelevant unless you specifically demonstrate best of the features. Support your statement with a solid proof. Alternatively you may enlist some quotes or testimonials from your customers that what is so wonderful about your offering.

5. Let your reader Imagine

Research proves that if potential buyer holds product in their hand chances of buying it increases. You can not make your customers to hold the products online, however you may post clear pictures and provoke their imagination to own the products. So images are very important part of product listings on your eCommerce website.

6. Remove all the Rational Barriers minute details

Include small stories along with product descriptions which reduces rational obstruction against communication methods. In simple words , we forget we are being sold to.
  • Real product Manufacturer ?
  • Source of inspiration for creating the?
  • Troubles or obstacles encountered during product development.
  • Product testing details.

7. Attract Customers with Sensational Catch Phrases

When you visit some Restaurants you might have encountered such catchy words like creamy and crunchy. Smooth and Soft etc. Such attractive world prompt the customers to think more about your product. Engage your readers by catch phrases about your products and make them feel about your offerings.

8. Add a Social Proof

When in confusion shoppers ask for suggestions from their social connects and browse for the reviews. There is great chance that they will buy something that has highest positive reviews. Most of the eCommerce websites has there presence on social networking websites and visitors often rate a product with positive or negative comments.

9. Create a Visible Description

Does your website's layout motivating the visitors to go easily read the product descriptions? Displaying the product descriptions in a clear and readable pattern is more appealing to potential customers. Lets see an example Here's some areas to focus on when designing yours:
  • Add proper Headings.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Keep ample white space.
  • Easy to read font to increase readability.
Points mentioned above are only focused on the ways content is displayed on your eCommerce website. However there are many other factors like design and load time that effects success of any webstore."
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