How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with the Help of Periscope?

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with the Help of Periscope? - GoWebBaby.Com

With the declaration of Twitter’s acquirement of Periscope, lots of marketers and business owners have been scrambling to discover the finest way to make use of this new platform to grow their business.

If you are unacquainted with Periscope, it is an app (for Android and iOS) that facilitates you to live stream video to your Twitter followers and strangers from your tablets or smartphones. Viewers can comment and “heart” live streams as they watch, to interrelate with broadcaster. On the other hand, Meerkat, additional alike live streaming app for smartphones and tablets, has also taken the internet by storm.

Meerkat and Periscope are not new prospects to sell your products like you have been doing on Pinterest or Facebook. These latest mobile live streaming tools provide a diverse chance to build your ecommerce business and create relations with your customers. I will explain why this is significant in the next section.

For the sake of ease, this blog post will emphasis on Periscope, but the suggestions and concepts on how to make use of Periscope to grow your ecommerce business can also be functional to Meerkat. I will also go over why and how you can utilize Periscope for your ecommerce business as well as provide you 6 actionable ways to help get you started.

Why Use Periscope And Why “Live Stream”?

Periscope is another platform for people to discover you. It’s indeed possible that if you put out high quality & consistent content, you will build an audience on Periscope. This standard holds factual for any platform, not just Periscope.

You can also use mobile live streaming to build your marque and build your association with your customers and fans. In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, a book by Dr. Robert Cialdini, he states that people are more probable to be influenced by (or say “yes” to) people that they like. Periscope enables you to build that pretty relationship with your customer.

Periscope also provides a thought-provoking new way to build a community around your brand by offering them a raw and unedited look at your business. This newest way of building a community permits for much higher commitment. What’s superior to real-time feedback from your customers to provide them instantaneous-satisfaction?

Last but not least, it’s an added opportunity for you to tell the story of your brand. You get to take your audience together with you on your journey. If you are previously telling your brand’s story on a social media or blog, Periscope is a surplus tool in your brand building resource.

Here are 6 awesome ways to grow your ecommerce business with periscope:-

1) Truthful Conversations

We all catch ourselves trapped in traffic, bored, staring at the ceiling or waiting in line. Set off Periscope and have a discussion with your audience. Pick a topic related to your community and chat for some minutes. The main point is to keep it actual. The less scripted, the superior. People can tell when you are reading straight from notes other than sharing your heart.

2) Share the Artistic Procedure

Graphic designers, Photographers, musicians, writers and artists of every kind take time to generate. Whether from a studio or a cubicle, share that procedure with your audience. People are fascinated by how things are prepared. If you are planning brain-storming ideas for an event or a new product launch, involve your community with Periscope. The clasp is you have to listen to their comment. Remember, social media is a 2-way street.

3) Off-stage Passes

Most people cannot have enough money to acquire VIP tickets to get in the background at a conference or concert. With Periscope, you can call your audience off-stage for a high-class look at what it takes to pull off a rock star performance, or what type of snacks are in green room.

4) Sneak Peeks

If you have done your homework and built up a robust marketing campaign pre-launch, your audience is eagerly waiting for the big day. Leaking a photo or a sample chapter creates some buzz, but why not utilize Periscope to share sudden content or features live to your audience?

As you are getting prepared to press the button on launch day, set off Periscope and let your community be part of the enchanted moment when the whole thing goes live.

5) Abandoned Access

Speakers and brands are restricted by the volume of the venue. With Periscope, the walls and roof are removed. Anyone following you can watch the late night performance from their living room or catch the essential speaker at their desk. To avoid making your in-room audience feel indignant, keep some of the talk/ performance exclusive.

6) Instantaneous Training

Any kind of coach can share their know-how on the go with Periscope. A fitness trainer can provide regular morning inspiration to those trying to lose weight and exercise. A business coach can share daily tips for leadership and networking. A counsellor (with authorization) could broadcast their commercial training session to their audience, clients and/or their own.

Get Scoping

Now you understand how you can use Periscope to grow your business, move ahead and install the app and play around with it! Like I recommended previously, make your first broadcast to break the ice and just have fun.

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