Magento VS PrestaShop

Magento VS PrestaShop

Magento VS PrestaShop

In the smoke and mirrors of the challenging confusion for opting one of the best eCommerce platforms , eCommerce venders are always in the search of  the latest eCommerce platform  which can deliver the  professional open-source , feature rich eCommerce solution which can offer complete flexibility of the merchant  and full fleshed control over the content , functionality and look of their online store.


It is a professional open source eCommerce solution  which has many  features that offers the merchants the complete control over the functionality , control and look of their online store. The powerful marketing tools of Magento such as catalog-management tools and search engine optimization (SEO) give the merchant power to create the adjustable  their unique business.  It was founded in the year 2001 and has a recent partnership with the  eBay which enhanced the growing community of developers . These communities  of  developers  are responsible  for constantly improving and  growing  the new extensions , modules and features. It is being identified for having the best technical support team for any eCommerce platform .Those companies that need a professional online store presence , Magento is best suited for it.


It is also an open source eCommerce platform . The basic offerings of  Prestashop are  free just like the basic edition of Magento , while  the templates, themes and modules can be easily purchased in  the PrestaShop store. It was launched on August 2007  for the medium sized business.  It utilizes the template  engine for PHP. It is available in the 40 different languages of varying degrees. The versions of English , French have the full support for all the release versions.  Before  a merchant is becoming able to use Prestashop , a few technical  requirements must be met by the merchant.  These requirements include IIS 6 or later , Apache web server 1.3 or later , MySQL 5 or later , PHP 5 or later and a Windows, Unix or Linux operating systems.  

The following comparison can be fruitful  for all the store owners who select the  one for meeting the requirements :-  

1.)    Installation :- Focusing on the  experience of the user and the experts of  these eCommerce solutions it is concluded that  Prestashop can be easily configured. Due to the simple attributes and the system requirements  Prestashop is very easy to install.  However, it restricts PrestaShop to have  equivalent out-of-the-blue features that Magento offers to its users.  

2.)    Compatibility :- It has very less compatibility issued as compared to the Magento . It is because Prestashop requires simple  system requirements .

 3.)    Customization :- Easier customization facilities to the user is provided by Prestashop . Also Prestashop has limited options in the customization  as compared with that of the Magento .  

4.)    Customer  Support :- Users give more preference to the Magento because it is large versatile.And round  the clock this support is available which is  extremely useful to the users of Magento.  There is a community of users of Magento which can easily contribute to  their own experiences   for enriching the activities through the community. PrestaShop lacks in both  of the  above matters and because of it   Magento becomes a better choice for the users.  

5.)    Search Box :- PrestaShop has the most powerful search box then the search box of  Magento. Also it   must be noticed that PrestaShop  has  stressed more on the use of search box from the year 2007 when it was launched.  This is the main reason that PrestaShop has more powerful search capabilities than that of the Magento.  

6.)    Feature of Search Engine Optimization :- This is one of the biggest feature which determines the actual difference between the Magento and all the other eCommerce websites. The features of  SEO in Magento are  the most powerful among all the eCommerce platforms. Hence because of this fact Magento gets  more attention  among the users of eCommerce platforms.  

7.)    Themes :- A large  number of themes is offered by the Magento to its users but on the other hand PrestaShop does not. Users get attracted by most of the Magento themes from all over.  

8.)    Suitability :- For the business of all the sizes Magento offers the eCommerce solutions  hence it is considered  best for all the types of business.  But still Magento  is considered suitable for the larger eCommerce stores because more services and  products are  listed in  the sale. But on the other hand PrestaShop is found to be more suitable  for the small scale businesses because of its limited  facilities and services to the eCommerce stores. It  can be  easily concluded  that  both  of these are very robust  and very easy to use.  It depends on the site owners  and their requirements to opt for either  Magento or for  PrestaShop.

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