Migrate Amazon Webstore to Magento Ecommerce Platform

As, you all aware about the bad news that Amazon Webstore is going to be close soon, we have a great option to get out of this situation. Yes, if you have your own Webstore, then now with us you can migrate Amazon Webstore to Magento ecommerce platform.

As the Webstore services would not be closed before June 2016, you have sufficient time to move on your business to the best ecommerce platform i.e. Magento.

What we offer in Migrating Amazon Webstore to Magento?

Here are some of the essential features we offer in migrating your Webstore to Magento.

  • Import Amazon products into Magento catalogue for Amazon order, if such product is not found in exiting catalogue
  • Set tax settings for Magento order based on Amazon order (Amazon Order Tax Settings)
  • Tracking information synchronization (Magento->Amazon, Amazon->Magento)
  • Map Amazon order state to Magento order status to reflect order creation/update (Amazon Order Status Mapping
  • Based on Amazon user record, create a customer in Magento (Amazon Customer Settings)
  • Automated mapping of 3rd party (existing) products to Magento products catalogue
  • Import existing products that have been created with the help of 3rd party tools or manually
  • Map different 3rd party (existing) products to the same Magento product
  • Manual mapping of 3rd party (existing) products to Magento products catalogue
  • Intuitive template based approach. Templates are Description, Selling Format, and Synchronization
  • Move 3rd party (existing, mapped to Magento) products to existing listings
  • Set different (to that of Magento product catalogue) different title/description for Amazon (Description template)
  • Set different (to that of Magento product catalogue) price/quantity for Amazon (Selling Format template)
  • Automatically relist Amazon item if Magento product is back in stock, enabled or/and QTY become greater than certain level (Synchronization template)
  • Automatically stop Amazon listing if Magento product is out of stock, disabled or QTY is below certain level (Synchronization template)
  • List items on Amazon using EAN, UPC, ASIN or ISBN
  • Automatically revise Amazon item if Magento product has its QTY or price is changed. (Synchronization template)
  • Automatic and Manual "ASIN Lookup" features
  • ASIN list error free approach (only those products with validated on Amazon ASINs are listed)
  • List the same Magento product as different Amazon listing (product should be presented in different Listings for that)
  • Choose a correct product should "ASIN Lookup" returned multiple results
  • Run Synchronization manually or Automatically (according to a cron job)
  • Add New Products (which are not listed on Amazon yet)
  • View Amazon activity logs
  • Globally control over certain synchronization options (i.e. disable/enable) for all Amazon accounts (via Configuration -> Synchronization)

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