Migration of ecommerce platform for better services and sales- PART 1

When your online shopping store is running successfully but you need to change your ecommerce platform for advancing your ecommerce business- there come of question of How to do it without losing present customers? We studied the procedure of migrating from one ecommerce platform to another. Here is your ultimate guide to Migration from your present ecommerce platform to a new one without losing your online shopping store ranking and consumers.

Domain Name

Migration of ecommerce platform sometimes involves changing of your web host. If you are moving to a new web host then you should make sure that your domain registration is with you. An Expensive Lesson In Domain Names
  • It means you must be “titled owner” of the domain
  • You should have “administrative contact details” of the domain name.
  • While migration of ecommerce platform you should login to your domain account and change Domain Name Server (DNS) setting.

Payment, Shipment and Accounting procedure

With expansion in online shopping store, you will discover that online shopping store procedures like payments, shipment and accounting need an automatic system. drop shipping inventory management automatic You can organize a preset detailed version of activities which collaborates your online shopping store with third party vendors. When you are taking an action for migration of ecommerce platform, facility of automating your system plays a key role for future growth and development of your online shopping store.

Security Check

Your official security certificate, i.e. Secured Socket Layer (SSL) moves with migration of ecommerce platform. You can confirm SSL of your website by checking URL of your website for “https://” prefix, where “s” stands for security. SSL Certificate Security Sometimes URL address following https:// shows provider name instead of your domain name. This happens when you are using a shared certificate. For getting your SSL certificate, you can do the following:
  • Find out the details of purchasing a new SSL certificate if needed.
  • Find out if your new provider offers shared certificate service.
  • Check if your current SSL certificate can work after migration of ecommerce platform.
  • Move your SSL certificate if you are using sole certificate by completing the technical formalities beforehand.
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Transferring DATA with migration of ecommerce platform

Data migration with migration of ecommerce platform requires exporting from current platform in tab-delimited or comma-delimited format. Simplified data is easier to transfer using export-import technique, while transferring complex data can be a headache. Source Data Format e GS File Section You can use professional data migration service like cart2cart for transferring your data safely while you proceed with migration of ecommerce platform. Next Four consideration during migration of ecommerce platform coming up next. Look up- Migration of ecommerce platform for better services and sales PART 2.