Pros and Cons of Magento's ecommerce platform for Online Shopping Store

magento-logo Magento's ecommerce platform- Large scaling online shopping store platform. It is best used when you are expecting a quick growth in your online shopping store. You can add tons of features to your online shopping store in no time using Magento’s ecommerce platform.

pros and cons

Pros of using Magento's ecommerce platform

[themecolor]Differentiating functionability: [/themecolor]Magento’s ecommerce platform offers a wide variety of distinct features which no other ecommerce platform is offering. Highlighting features include:
  • Mutlilingual online shopping store
  • Mutliple currency valuations in online shopping store
  • Multiple online shopping store front pages
  • Responsive online shopping store portal
  • SEO friendly online shopping store advantage
  [themecolor]User friendly:[/themecolor] Magento's ecommerce platform allows administrator to quickly browse through back-end of his/her online shopping store. With a clear well-organized home page, it becomes easier for intermediate level ecommerce owners to develop and host their online shopping store. [themecolor]Pricing:[/themecolor] Magento ecommerce platform is FREE OF CHARGE. It is an open source web developing software. It is the perfect choice for small to medium sized online shopping store who are lacking funds. User don’t need to invest any amount to purchase Magento’s pre-designed ecommerce platform. [themecolor]Large coverage enhanced by Communities:[/themecolor] Magento’s ecommerce platform provides an entrant exposure to ecommerce business by connecting millions of users through various online communities. [themecolor]Customization: [/themecolor]Magento’s ecommerce platform allows user to add plugins and create extensions according to needs of online shopping store. It is an important support factor which helps you grow your online shopping store in niche markets. [themecolor]Flexibility:[/themecolor] Magento’s ecommerce platform passes all the control of online shopping store to the administrator. Admin can organize processes and customize online shopping store as per his/her choice. Designing your website based on needs of your online customers is a big advantage in ecommerce business. [themecolor]High Scalability:[/themecolor] Magento ecommerce platform offers wide capacity to the online shopping store developer. It can work smoothly with wide range of products allowing free features for both small andlarge-scale webstores.

Cons of Magento's ecommerce platform

[themecolor]Requires qualified developers:[/themecolor] For creating an online shopping store with magento’s ecommerce platform, you need developers who can pick out the best from its wide base offering. Magento’s ecommerce platform consists of more than 20,000 files with 200 database tales. [themecolor]Only community version is free:[/themecolor] Magento’s ecommerce platform offers free community version but there are better versions available at high prices. Magento’s Enterprise version starts at US$ 14,420 per year. It’s premium enterprise version comes at a annual charge of US$ 49,990. [themecolor]Self Hosting:[/themecolor] Magento’s ecommerce platform doesn’t offer free hosting and integration. Therefore, the user needs to self-host his/her online shopping store which is a time-consuming task. [themecolor]Time consuming:[/themecolor] Since Magento is a complex ecommerce platform, it requires qualified and experienced developers. Even the best of developers require a long period of time to host online shopping store at Magento’s ecommerce platform.


It is best to use Magento’s ecommerce platform when you are looking for high scalability online shopping store. You can expand your product lines in various stages. Remember to hire a qualified and experienced developer for developing your online shopping store on Magento’s ecommerce platform. Create a customized online shopping store for your small, medium or large ecommerce business.