Amazon is Going to Shut Down Amazon Webstore Services - July 2016

Amazon is Going to Shut Down Amazon Webstore Services - July 2016
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Yes, you read it right, Amazon Webstore is going to shut down Webstore services in 2016. It’s really a bad news for all business owners, who are currently selling on Amazon webstore. Amazon Webstore is no longer open to new applicants and will be completely discontinued at the end of June next year.

No Official Reason till Now

No official reason has been given. But as you can imagine, if as a seller you had invested a great deal of time getting your Amazon webstore up and running, this news would be a real blow and a massive setback for your business. It’s another useful reminder of the awesome influence third parties often have on ecommerce businesses.

Amazon is not the only one who shuts down the services of providing a platform for businesses to small store owners. EBay earlier also announced to close its Magento Go services. This field that has grown progressively competitive nowadays, with ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify raising a lot of money to provide a committed experience for small businesses.

How many people get affected by this decision?

Globally, 5 out of 2,062 active sites using Amazon Webstore platform. Around 4204 Live Webstore are running recently. This decision of killing webstore services become an extreme pain for these webstore owners.

Good News We can Help You!

Yes, as this is the final decision of Amazon, you could not do anything, but we have a good way to get rid of this situation. As Amazon decide to shut down webstore services in 2016, you have the option of Migrating your Amazon Webstore to other ecommerce platform, which includes Magento, Shopify and WordPress.

These ecommerce platforms also have big names in ecommerce industry, so your sales will not affect by migrating your webstore to these ecommerce platforms. At Gowebbaby, we work hard to integrate your services and features of webstore into an ecommerce platform easily.

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Final Words

There is a phrase “Every dark night turns into a bright day”. Yes, this is really true as we are here to make your dark night turns into a bright day by moving on your Amazon webstore to Ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify & WordPress.

Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify

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