5 Easy-To-Use Techniques To Boost Social Sharing On Your Blog

5 Easy-To-Use Techniques To Boost Social Sharing On Your Blog - GoWebBaby.Com

Social networking platforms are great to increase the popularity of your blog. Is the social sharing too low on your blog? Is your target audience engaging with you on your blog or on any other social networking platforms? If not, it's time to improve these numbers.

Follow the below mentioned tips to boost social sharing  on your blog:

Technique 1.Make pinning easy

It's quite important to have pinnable images on your blog because people use Pinterest to keep track of articles they like and want to refer again. To make the pinning of images easy for your readers, set a featured image for the post and add titles to all the images. So when somebody pins a post, they won't have to choose the image they want to pin as well as type in a comment. Also, when you include a title with image, the title will auto-populate the comment field on the pin. All these activities make sharing of your content easy and simple on Pinterest.

Make pinning easy


Technique 2.Showcase sharing buttons

When you have social sharing buttons installed on the blog, you are making it easy for your followers and audience to share it with their friends. Floating social sharing buttons are great for garnering maximum shares; but do make sure that the scroll is without any bumps. Make sure that your social sharing buttons are easily found; they shouldn't be too small to notice right away. Also, limit your readers' choices by sticking to the social media channels they use most often because too many choices might confuse them. You can even create customized sharing messages to prompt the readers to share the content.

Showcase sharing buttons


Technique 3.Embed social updates in posts

To improve the visibility and brand of your blog, you definitely need to interact with your audience. Now imagine interacting with them on various social media platforms at the same time. That would be great, wouldn't it be? If you embed social media content into a blog post, you can get exactly that. When you integrate social networking channels into your blog, you are simplifying the social experience of your readers by letting them start the interaction with a particular social media platform right from your blog.

Embed social updates in posts


Technique 4.Write engaging content

Having serious and professional content for your blog with attract visitors but not in hordes. If you are looking for the latter, you need to be bit casual on your blog, even if it's a business blog. This will encourage your readers to comment and share the content just because it makes them feel like they are engaging with a real person, and not a bot. Add colorful images and interesting fonts that gel with the content. And don't forget to make these images pinnable.

Write engaging content


Technique 5.Facilitate comments

Getting comments for a business blog is quite difficult. So don't be depressed if you aren't getting much of the comments. But if you think you will gain more comments if you make small changes, then turn word verification off because usually word verification makes commenting difficult. To control spam, moderate comments. You can also use a service like Disqus that requires readers to create an account and log in to make a comment. Or you can use something like Facebook comment box.

Facilitate comments

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